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Deptford Mall Interior Stores Can Open Today (Monday June 29). Info on Stores Opening

Deptford Mall Interior Stores Can Open Today (Monday June 29).  Info on Stores Opening
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New Jersey welcomes back Mall shopping today, with customers allowed to walk in the main interior of the indoor Malls, and shop in stores located within the malls!   Deptford Mall will be open today at 11am, and closing at 7pm.  It is up the the individual store owners to decide when (and if) they will be opening.  The Deptford Mall website has published a list of the stores that will be open, and they will update that as more information becomes available.

The mall and stores will open at a reduced capacity, and they will have to track how many shoppers are in the store at any given time.   Its obvious to expect a lines to get into the stores when the mall first opens, but I expect them to continue through the summer and into school shopping season.  (I stopped into Gloucester Premium Outlets yesterday and most of the larger stores had lines waiting to get in, as store employees maintained capacity at the lowered legal limits)

Three Anchors

The three main department store anchors have been open a few weeks, as they have direct exterior entrances which were approved to open earlier.

  • Boscov’s: Monday – Saturday 11AM – 7PM; Sunday 11AM – 6PM
  • JCPenney: Monday – Saturday 12PM – 6PM; Sunday 11AM – 6PM
    • JCPenney will open 1 hour earlier (11AM-12PM) on Wednesdays & Fridays for at risk shoppers, including elderly and those with underlying health conditions.
  • Macy’s: Monday – Sunday 11AM – 7PM

Stores opening Monday (and soon)

On their “Openings” page, Deptford Mall is maintaining a list of stores that are opening and they will be updating it regularly.   Right now they list 36 stores that are opening today (which includes a few in the food court), and another 10 that are opening within the next week or so.  I was going to list here… but since they’ll be updating it at the mall website, it seems best to direct you there.

July 2nd: The Next BIG Day

The Governor has announced several big openings for July 2nd, with Indoor Dining, Casinos and Amusement Parks at the top of the list.  Many categories are geared towards the summer tourism industry, so it seems he is allowing them to open ahead of the 4th of July holiday weekend, and also giving a decent amount of Summer days of opening for those businesses and consumers

Each of these categories has restrictions, and lower capacities.

Opening July 2nd:

  • Indoor Dining
  • Casinos
  • Playgrounds
  • Outdoor Amusement Parks
  • Outdoor Water Parks
  • Boardwalk Arcades
  • Libraries
  • Musuems
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Aquariums
  • Indoor Batting Cages
  • Indoor Shooting Ranges