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Deptford: Kirkland’s in, Dressbarn out. Same Store location?

Deptford: Kirkland’s in, Dressbarn out. Same Store location?
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We have two stories for Deptford which I believe to be connected:

  • Kirkland’s, the home décor retailer is coming to Deptford on Almonesson Road.
  • Dress Barn, located in the Court at Deptford, closes this week.
  • An article on Kirkland‘s new larger store size says its 7,200 sq ft.  The Dress Barn in Deptford is a larger store for them, and the property site says it is 7,600

I believe the Kirkland’s is moving into the Dress Barn location, but I haven’t been able to confirm yet.


Kirkland’s is a home décor store, similar in many aspects to Home Goods.  I’ve only been in one and that was out in Palmdale California.

The first I heard about Kirkland’s coming to Deptford was actually 2 or 3 months ago, when my wife was in the Mays Landing area store and in conversation with the cashier, the cashier volunteered “oh we are opening a store soon in Deptford!”.   I hadn’t been able to track down exactly where.

So this week I was doing some research (well triggered by the Dress Barn info below), and found that the official Kirkland’s website lists in their employment page “Deptford” as a store location in the dropdown, and multiple job postings for Manager and Assistant Manager.

The interesting thing is, they list “The Court at Deptford II”.    It’s definitely confusing if you aren’t following closely to the Deptford store landscape, but “II” is the smaller center where Bob’s Furniture and Barnes and Noble are located.   Interested in that, as far as I know there are no vacancies after Pet Value took the last spot

Dress Barn

A poster  in a Deptford Facebook group yesterday posted “Dress Barn is closing, Kirkland’s is coming in”.  This is what actually made me start googling again for information.  I assume she was told this by the Dress Barn store staff.  Well it is clear they are closing, and maybe they offered up the Kirkland’s info.

So yes, as you can see in article image, Dress Barn is closing December 16th.  So this is in the Court at Deptford, close to Ross, Party City and Shoe Carnival. (Hobby Lobby and Burlington are also in this center.)

Kirkland’s in the Court at Deptford?

So to repeat myself, the Kirkland’s corporate site confirms Deptford is getting a store.   Dress Barn sign confirms they close this week.

But the Kirkland’s job posting lists a different shopping center than what Dress Barn is in, and the one it lists (Court at Deptford II) appears to have no space available.

My guess… is that the Kirkland’s job listing address is a mistake, and Kirkland’s is actually going to take over the Dress Barn spot.   If I were a betting man, I’d wonder if maybe originally Kirkland’s was looking to go to the CAD II center before Pet Value moved in, and when that fell apart they went across the street… and got completely confused by the confusing name

Deptford Almonesson = Home Décor Headquarters

With the upcoming opening of Kirkland’s, this little 1/2 mile area is destined to be the Home Décor headquarters for South Jersey as that area will have

  • Kirkland’s
  • Pier One
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Home Goods
  • Christmas Tree Shops

The Court at Deptford alone will have THREE of the home décor centric companies!

And just when I thought I have run out of compliments for the folks over at DLC property management for the turnaround they’ve done at the Court at Deptford, and that they possibly couldn’t come up with another big signing….   they hit another ball out of the park with this Kirkland’s signing.