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Deptford: Bob’s Opens Feb 12th plus Burlington Factory Career Fairs

Deptford: Bob’s Opens Feb 12th plus Burlington Factory Career Fairs
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Two updates from one of our area’s hot retail streets, Almonesson Road in Deptford, New Jersey… for the soon to open Bob’s Discount Furniture, and the opening in the spring Burlington Store.

Bob's Discount Furniture Deptford
Bob’s Discount Furniture Deptford

Bob’s Discount Furniture:  They are moving in to the same Shopping Center as Barnes & Noble and Home Goods.  The location is on the right end and is most widely remembered as the Sears Outlet, but I believe it was originally built as a furniture store.

Their website clearing indicates a February 12th opening, and people in local social media outlets are reporting an increasing number of radio commercials.   Even the signs on their front windows are in line,saying they are expecting a February opening!  I looked in the windows last weekend, and the place was an empty concrete shell, but honestly this is a much simpler retrofit than the Burlington project.

Bob’s is also nice addition to the neighborhood.  It’s discount furniture…  but backed by a large company, with over 50 locations!  They have other unique twists such as each store has a Cafe with ice cream and refreshments available to the customers.

Bob is hiring and they have a few job listings on their site.  Extra interesting is that they are promoting full benefits packages with the jobs.

Retail Cafe Associate
Retail Office Associate
Warehouse Associate
Sales Associates

Here’s the Grand Opening Celebration Schedule!

Bob’s Grand Opening Celebration!!!

Deptford, NJ

Thursday, February 12
Balloon Clown and Face Painter- 11 am – 3 pm

Friday, February 13
Balloon Clown and Face Painter- 11 am – 3 pm

Saturday, February 14
Balloon Clown and Face Painter- 11 am – 3 pm
WBEB radio street team- 12 pm – 2 pm

Sunday, February 15
Balloon Clown and Face Painter- 11 am – 3 pm
Meet and greet with Eagles alumni player, Jamaal Jackson- 1 pm – 3 pm*

Monday, February 16
Balloon Clown and Face Painter- 11 am – 3 pm

Burlington Store - Deptford
Burlington Store – Deptford

Burlington Store:  The Burlington Store will be in the shopping center across the road from Bob’s Discount Furniture…  Think Red Lobster and Olive Garden.  While the Burlington Store missed their opening for the 2014 Holiday Shopping season, they are moving along very well.  This new location in the spot where the original Sam’s Club was located (Red Lobster and Olive Garden)ans is reported by NJ.Com to have a Spring opening.  In another sign of store progress, 42Freeway is letting you know that not only has the hiring process started… they have career fairs for hourly employees taking place this month!  And even though the store has a few months to go, typically companies will hire new employees month’s in advance and train at other locations so if you are looking for work… this could be for you

There are several job postings on their site (which seems incredibly slow, so hang in there for it to load), but the main was seems to cover all the new openings in the Deptford Store.   The career fairs are January 15th and January 23rd, but you can’t show up… they don’t even give an address.  You must apply first (online) and they will invite you.