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Dave & Busters Preview Photo Tour! We Take You Inside! Opens December 7th

Dave & Busters Preview Photo Tour!   We Take You Inside!  Opens December 7th
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As you should already know, Dave & Busters is coming to Gloucester Township, in an all new building adjacent to the Outlets on Route 42. While they don’t open until Monday December 7th, Mark from 42Freeway was given a full exclusive tour of this amazing facility! We’ve put together a full photo tour of what to expect… I hope you are on an unlimited mobile plan!

Let me start with this. The new Dave & Busters is a game changer. It will be THE talked about destination in our area.

Absolutely people will drive from long distances to visit.

People will come for the food and the bar, and of course to play games. This is as much (or more) a place for Adults to feel comfortable in, as it is for entire families to enjoy. 

Guys will meet up to watch football here.  Families will bring Grandmom for her birthday dinner because the food is delicious.  Bachelorette parties will start here for drinks and stay the evening or move on down to Atlantic City.

It really is that awesome.

Burlington County has it’s “game changer” with Top Golf. We’ve all heard “You HAVE to go to Top Golf! It’s Awesome!”

Well Dave & Busters in Gloucester Township is our “Game Changer”

I feel that strongly about it.

First, a huge Thank you to Ed and Rocco for making this tour happen!

Dining and Beverages, and Games Too

The first thing that strikes you as you enter is… well yes the arcade is a big part of the business plan.  Including “Designed for D&B” exclusive games!

But just like the flagship Philadelphia location, what you see first at Dave & Busters are the restaurant and bar areas.   

A restaurant and kitchen serving a quality of food that is higher than you would expect, and a large amazing bar area for hanging out and watching sports games.

I focus on this because there are competitors, and people will try to lump them all together “oh it’s just like…”

But it’s not.  Where competitors have used floor space for large bowling alleys, and many rows of crane games…

… Dave & Busters has put much much more space (seating and kitchen) into dining.   And while you’re here, how about we play some games?

I mean, this shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve been to the flagship Philadelphia location… and it’s MASSIVE dining and restaurant area.   Regional manager Rocco and I were joking that there absolutely have been dining visitors to the Philadelphia location who didnt realize there was a gaming midway in the back!

In Gloucester Township. while the games are in a separate section off to the left side, it is fully open to the whole bar and dining area.

Well it’s a smart layout, because there are several dining sections.  Three, plus bar seating actually.  And the experience can be far removed from the games, or much closer to the sounds and flashing lights

A few quick notes!

  • YES they have all of their “Games of Chance” licenses.  The ticket games and redemption window will be open on day 1!  More on that later…
  • The photos of seating and bar setup, have seating placed that way for final town “Certificate of Occupancy” approval.  Once opened to the public, seating will be limited and possibly removed, to meet New Jersey state Covid rules for indoor dining.
  • They will have all the proper Covid cleaning items in place for the opening

And lastly… there is a significant local presence to this location.

VP Ed is originally from the Philadelphia area.  VP of Fun, they call him.  Regional Manager Rocco lived for many years in Woolwich.  Store GM Dean lives in National Park, and Asst GM Dave is from Washington Twp and Gloucester Township!   

Dave & Busters Gloucester Township
Opening Monday Dec 7
Gloucester Premium Outlets
Blackwood NJ

Descriptive Photo Tour

So enough with the intro… let’s move on to the photo tour.  Pics are taken with the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, the best camera in a smartphone… so they should look pretty damn good!

Check again on your PC or tablet to really appreciate!

Located alongside the Gloucester Premium Outlets in the Blackwood section of Gloucester Township, Dave and Busters sits along side heavily traveled Rt 42 on one side, the outlets on the other, and the Black Horse Pike after that.  Plenty of accessibility to the Delaware Valley

 Literally the first thing you see directly in front of you as you enter, is the beautiful bar.  Bright and fun, but very classy.   There are actually two different “looks” to the bar, and the sports side faces to the right.

 To the left at the entrance is the Mix Master hosting station.

 Beyond that on the left is the arcade area, but we’ll come back to that in a bit!

 We are actually starting with the dining and bar area! 

To the far right of the entrance are two distinctive dining areas.

The more formal dining area is also perfectly situated for events and corporate meetings (there are separate rooms available also.. those photos to come!)

 Adjacent to the Sport seating area.

 Immediately adjacent to this area (and open to it) is the main sports viewing/dining area… with its AMAZING 43 foot wide television!

 Large “traditional” flat screens surround the room, but they are dwarfed by the main wall massive TV!

Next to this area (to the left of the above photo) is the Sports side of the center bar.  There is bar seating all the way around the bar!   And while they do have a service area section for servers to pick up drinks for the dining tables, they actually have another backroom bar to use for that when things are really busy!

I was on-site as the alcohol delivery came in.  This is a full bar, and everything about it is state of the art!  Rocco did an amazing job explaining it, but there are plenty of “wells” (4?), all the latest cleaning and sanitizing equipment, and even the beer lines are a self-cleaning system (but the still do a regular full cleaning)

The other side of the bar is the Game Bar.   The associated dining area here moves into a more casual high-top table seating arrangement.  These seats are next to the open arcade midway.

You can now get a sense of how I originally said they have more quiet dining areas further from the games, and offer options which get you much closer to the “action”.   Those watching the latest Philly sports games on the other side won’t be distracted by the arcade!  But it’s still close by!

Next to the arcade midway! 

Rocco gave me the full game tour also, and I got to play at least a half dozen games!

The games at Dave and Busters lean more towards a pure arcade and carnival feel… and they succeed in offering unique experiences you just aren’t finding anywhere else!

Sure they have the classic and upgraded basketball games!
But at Dave & Busters they have one that is basketball.. and CONNECT FOUR COMBINED!  And somehow in my excitement playing the Connect Four basketball game, I didnt grab a photo!  Aaaahhhhh!!!

Here I am playing a virtual reality Star Wars game!

 Giant versions on Space Invaders and Pac Man!

Custom designed multi-player PONG!  

Baseball Pitch and additional neon basketball games

Candy Crush…giantsized!
Cornhole Video Game!  A Dave and Busters EXCLUSIVE!

Pixel Chase.  I didn’t play but it looks really cool!

Halo!  Kevin Bachus was the co-creator of the XBOX, and he now works for Dave & Busters as Senior VP of Games and Strategy!  

An immersive video game experience!

Dave & Busters Self-operating water game.  They used to have a larger one that required an employee to manage.

Jackpot Slots game!

Jackpot wheel

Air Hockey and in the short distance you can see the Game side of the bar

A very cool and addicted hologram stacking game

Sega ATV Game!  This really rock and rolled me!

The Winner’s Circle redemption area was being setup as I visited.  As I mentioned, they will have the game tickets and redemption area open for day 1!   

This is not their D&B’s first New Jersey location.  If you weren’t aware, Dave & Busters is the reason these types of establishments are allowed in New Jersey!  Seriously!  They worked with then Governor Chris Christie to make “games and alcohol” legal… it seems they fell under some rulings that prohibited it… I believe tied to Casino gaming.  

So the games are actually very regulated, but allowed.  This falls under a “Games of Chance” category, and a list of every game must be submitted to the state many months in advance.  Then a license is issued. 

And because Dave & Busters are experts at this.. they had their “ducks in a row” a long time ago!

Next to the Midway are the party rooms!  These are a classy but fun decor which works for fun birthday parties or corporate events!

A classy but fun decor!

And I’ve been talking alot about the food.  It’s a big important part of the business.  It’s not “We are a game company and while you are here, you can get a hotdog”.  Nope…

Rocco explains the origins of the company as two business owners happened to start their respective businesses immediately next to each other… an arcade, and a bar.  They noticed that customers were going back and forth between the two.. and the idea for Dave and Busters was founded.

So with that in mind, Rocco even gave me the full kitchen tour.   Which I had never seen to such detail

Everything is on wheels!  They can pull everything out to clean.

And this is a massive, significant kitchen.   At full operating capacity they could have 18-20 people working in the kitchen.  There are specialized stations for EVERYTHING!

And it’s also important to learn from the photos… they are making the significant amount of recipes right here, in the kitchen.   

They even have a chicken finger breading station!

Oh and there is even a second “banquet” line behind this main row of kitchen-ware….if you are having an event, catering, rented a party room.. they can fire up a dedicated kitchen to handle those orders without impacting the regular customer flow.

This grill is large enough for two employees.  On the left the start the burgers, steak or chicken and then it moves to the right for finisher to close it out.

A cooking appliance for every need!

So here is my problem..  I had an amazing time with Rocco and the crew checking out the whole place… I have SO much more to say, but I got a late start on this and we are leaking into Thanksgiving time. Ha.  Don’t want to upset the misses.    So I am rolling with this as is.. I feel its still a little rough.  May Update it later

Thank you again to the Dave and Busters team for allowing me in. The best of luck to you!