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Crunch Fitness Deptford Construction Underway! Pre-Sale Starts March 27. Virtual Photo Tour!

Crunch Fitness Deptford Construction Underway!  Pre-Sale Starts March 27.  Virtual Photo Tour!
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Construction fencing and crews are on the site of the former Deptford Mall Sears Auto Center, to turn it into the new Crunch Fitness facility!   This is a full featured gym with babysitting facilities in the gym!  They are targeting opening this summer.  The pre-sale starts March 27th with the opening of their Deptford Mall kiosk!  

They offer membership options starting at $9.95 a month… with upgraded options available.

Scroll down for the full virtual tour!

Oh before we jump in too deep on this…  be sure to “Like” their Facebook page… they are putting up posts specific to the Deptford location!

And they are offering a sweepstakes for a free year of gym membership!  Check their webpage!

To be a little more specific on the location.. well we assume everyone in our readership is familiar with the Deptford Mall!  ha!  But the mall is located right off the 42Freeway and Route 55, and features Macy’s, JC Penney’s, Boscov’s and dozens of other stores including a food court.   The former Sears building was repurposed as Round 1 arcade center and Dick’s Sporting Goods!  

The new Crunch Fitness facility is a standalone building in the main Mall parking area, which was previously the Sears Auto Center.

Local New Jersey Ownership!  A Quick Overview

We met up with franchise owner Zach and GM Austin recently to talk about their new gym coming to Deptford!

Deptford location owner Zach is a lifelong New Jersey resident and Stockton University graduate (and baseball standout)… growing up not too far from Deptford, but is now so committed to the new gym and Gloucester County… that he lives close by right in our area! 

Zach explains that the new facility will be 28,000 square feet, and one of Crunch’s largest facilities on the East coast!

As you’ll see in the photo tour below, they cover all the core facets of a gym, and more…  and maybe with a little more focus on the free weights area!

A quick rundown of what Crunch Fitness Deptford will offer:

  • Cardio Machines
  • Heavy “Free” weights
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Ride Classes
  • The Hitzone: One of a kind high-intensity workout area!
  • Locker rooms with showers
  • Power half hour circuit training
  • Personal Trainers
  • Crunchone Kickoff:  Set your goals!
  • Tanning
  • Hydromassage
  • Kid’s Crunch Babysitting!
  • and more!

When we visited a few weeks ago, their was exterior property work taking place and crews were getting ready to move into the building and interior conversion.  The construction timeline has them opening sometime this summer!  More details on that as we get closer.

Zach and Austin are also planning on making community involvement a big part of the business… with several ideas to utilize the facility and large parking area for events such as business expos and car shows!

Oh and their Facebook page shows they area already looking for gym staff…. positions posted such as Brand Ambassador (Facebook) and Group Coordinator (Facebook)

Presale Starts March 27th

Starting March 27th, Crunch Deptford is starting their membership pre-sale and will be setup at a kiosk inside the mall.  Memberships start as low as $9.95 per month, if you buy at the kiosk, the first 500 do not pay a thing until the Grand Opening!

Virtual Photo Tour

This is a quick virtual rundown from architect designs of the actual Deptford gym!  We are not covering all the details here… this is just to give you a general idea of what Crunch Fitness Deptford is all about, and if you want more details be sure to check their website, Facebook page and visit Crunch at their Deptford Mall pre-sale kiosk starting March 27th!

Gym members enter from the main front door shown at the top of the post, and are greeted by the check-in lobby kiosk

To the left is the Relax & Recover section which features locker rooms, saunas and more!

While the locker rooms are probably one of your first stops when entering the gym, let’s talk about fitness first! 

The Personal Training desk is located right as you leave the locker room area and head into the gym!

Body Scan equipment takes a 3 dimensional scan helps you and the trainers monitor your fitness progress!  Completely optional of course!

The heavy weight area starts just past personal trainer desk and scanner and runs along the side of the gym (opposite of the entrance).  This heavier deadlift area is tucked into the front corner for more focused lifting.

The free weight area continues down the far side of the gym

The Crunch Fitness exclusive “HitZone” is along the back corner… it’s a high intensity workout area that… well, visit the team at the Deptford Mall kiosk to learn more!

A view from the back corner of the gym.  The entrance desk (from this photo perspective) is in the far left side.

Circuit training equipment is in the back center of the gym

Ride or Die!  In the bike room!

Crunch Fitness provides a HUGE amount and variety of cardio-equipment!  With televisions conveniently placed.

Group Fitness Area!  Located from an entrance off the cardio equipment area.

The Deptford Group Fitness area is a large private space to get your burn going!

Kidsitting Service!  Yes they have an onsite kid sitting service at Crunch Deptford… be sure to check with management regarding ages and rules of this feature!

Our tour has actually wrapped around the gym and we are back to the main entrance, meaning the kid sitting area is to the right of the entrance.  For the safety of everyone, your kids can enter the lobby and walk right into this area!

Now back to the Relax and and Recover area!

Full locker rooms

Modern and clean restrooms



Crunch Fitness Tanning Beds!

Hyrdomassage Chairs!

And of course an assortment of health food products

They really have covered all the bases at the new Crunch Deptford facility!

Coming this Summer 2021 to the Deptford Mall parking, in the former Sears Auto facility!

PRESALE Starts this weekend, March 27th… visit their kiosk in the mall!

Location and Links!

Crunch Fitness Deptford
1748 Deptford Center Road
Deptford NJ 08096