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Crumbl Cookies Turnersville Is Open!

Crumbl Cookies Turnersville Is Open!
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Crumbl Cookies in Turnersville NJ  (Washington Township) opened on Friday, and 42Freeway was there for the official ribbon cutting.

With the store opening at 8am, a line of customers had already formed ahead of the ribbon cutting. As we waited for the ceremony to start it was nice to see the customer’s smiling faces as they exited Crumbl with the signature pink Crumbl boxes.

The location is in the Cross Keys Commons (Walmart) center, where Tuckahoe Road forks off from the Black Horse Pike.   Specifically within the shopping center they are across from Walmart, in the unit next to the Hibbett Sports store.

Crumbl Cookies is now open in Turnersville Washington Township New Jersey

On hand for the ribbon cutting where husband and wife owners Jericho and Emily (Cherry Hill residents), Mayor Gattienelli, Council Members, Economic Development Consultant, and Chamber President and members.

If you’re familiar with Crumbl Cookies you know that long lines of customers is a common sight, especially when newly opened.  With the Turnersville store customers have a bonus roof over the sidewalk to protect from the elements, which looks like it will be needed this weekend with gray and rainy skies.

Owners Jericho and Emily also own the Princeton location and will be opening soon a another crumble in Mount Laurel.  They are so local Jericho tells me he has close family living in Gloucester County!

The opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for Crumbl in Turnersville was held on March 24th. On hand were owners Jericho and Emily, Mayor Gattienelli, Council Members, Economic Development Consultant, and Chamber President and members.

Crumbl Cookies Turnersville

The new Turnersville Crumbl follows a familiar pattern of their locations.

They are not large stores, and most of the space is allocated to the bakery area.

Crumbl stores are designed for baking delicious cookies, and selling to customers to then take on their way!

With that in mind the inside customer waiting areas are typically very small, fitting only about 6-8 people comfortably.

In the Turnersville store there is a small partition wall that blocks some of the kitchen area whereas in Cherry Hill the entire space is wide open to the back.

Inside the Turnersville Crumbl store! Just opened Friday March 24th… and that’s owner Emily at the register!

The Turnersville store is mostly white throughout, with one wall portion colored in pink to frame the C Crumbl Chef logo. A perfect instagrammable photo spot!

The counter area is off to the left with a digital menu board and ordering stations on the far left wall.

Large dough mixing machines are also in this front counter area.

Yes they do make, bake and decorate the cookies in the store!

As mentioned I was there to catch the ribbon cutting ceremony, meet Jericho and Emily, but unfortunately I had to head out before I got my chance to pick up some Turnersville baked Crumbl cookies!

But I will definitely be back this weekend, although I’m looking to time it to get there before opening. Expect long lines throughout the weekend, and literally for the next few weeks as customers rush to try the delicious Crumbl cookies.

Crumbl Cookes Turnersville NJ Washington Township Opens March 24 2023
Crumbl Cookes Turnersville NJ Washington Township Opened March 24 2023

The Crumbl Cookies Experience

Crumbl Cookies offer a premium larger sized cookie made with fresh ingredients, and baked in each store. Mixing, baking, decorating and packaging area all done right in the store!

In the full menu vault they have almost 200 recipes. But how they make them available to customers is an interesting part of the success.

Each week Crumbl locations only make 6 varieties available, and one of them is always the milk chocolate chip. So it’s really just 5 unique cookie varieties each week.

On Sunday nights they release the menu for the week, and fans of Crumbl eagerly read through to see if any of the weekly flavors grab their attention.

The fact that these flavors are only available for the week (and likely may not return for several months) it can create a feeling with customers that “oh I better head to Crumbl in the next few days or I won’t have the chance next week”

Crumbl Cookies: Open in Cherry Hill, Coming Soon to Turnersville
Crumbl Cookies: Open now in Turnersville and Cherry Hill NJ

This core marketing aspects keeps the lines of customers coming back again and again each month or even each week.

The extra “fuel on the fire” for Crumbl Cookies stores is that young social media influencers quickly jumped on this weekly “must go now” menu release aspect, and started creating short social media videos to share the experience of eating that week’s cookies.

I’ve watched several of these in research of Crumbl and it’s amazing to see that these young women literally go to the stores on Monday morning and buy all six varieties, walk back to their car and turn their cell phone video cameras on, and from their driver’s seat record their experience of trying that week’s flavors.

Crumble Cookies Turnersville

It sounds simple. It sounds like it wouldn’t work. But these social media videos, particularly on TikTok can gain multiple hundreds of thousands of views, if not millions.

Miliions of views from people in the Crumbl core demographics who then rush out to the store “Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie? I have to get that!”

And then each week Crumble announces their new cookie lineup, and the process repeats!

As mentioned Jericho and Emily have plans for 1/3 family owned location with that one coming to Mount Laurel Centerton Square shopping center where (Wegmans is located)

Links and Location

Crumbl Cookies Turnersville
3501 NJ-42, Unit 190
Turnersville, New Jersey 08012

(856) 210-8584