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Crazy Kat Dessertery Opened Recently in Pitman, From the Crave Pitman Family

Crazy Kat Dessertery Opened Recently in Pitman, From the Crave Pitman Family
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The Crazy Kat  “dessertery” opened in Pitman earlier this year and I visited recently.

Both deliciously sweet stores are operated by the same Crave family (the Bianco’s) who have operated a successful cookie bakery in Pitman for several years.

While both shops operate in their own dedicated storefronts with separate everything, they are connected inside by a newly installed opening in the wall.

So while Crave Pitman puts a big focus on… cookies (surprise!), Crazy Kat extends the offering into a full dessert bakery including milkshakes and soft serve ice cream!

The Crazy Kat Dessertery opened earlier this year in Pitman. Dessert cakes, fusion shakes and ice cream! Part of the Crave Pitman family

The Bianco family is expanding in many ways as they have also very recently opened a second location of their Crave store, in Mullica Hill

Crave and Crazy Kat both seem to offer Gluten Free options at times, but likely not in dedicated equipment.  Check with the individual locations for questions by stopping in or reaching out on Social Media.

Delicious dessert baked good are available at Crazy Kat Pitman! (Images: Crazy Kat FB)

Crazy Kat Pitman “Dessertery”

Crazy Kat Pitman actually opened back in February, and I stopped in a few weeks ago to check out the new dessert shop.

The signage on the front window describes the new store as “Pitman’s Scrumpdillyicious Dessertery

This means you’ll find amazing cupcakes, muffins, cheesescakes, mini bundt cakes and more… plus innovative ice cream treats including ice cream tacos, “Flavor Fusions” which are ice cream and other delicious ingredients blended together, or the classic soft-serve ice cream cone.

A cozy space awaits at Crazy Kat dessertery in Pitman NJ

And don’t forget the amazing full size cakes which are available for birthdays, events or just a delicious family treat. At the Crazy Kat Facebook page they share many amazing custom cakes creations.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

While the name is cat focused… according to their Facebook page they are not a “cat café” and do not have cats in the facility (I know folks will ask!)

They are constantly coming up with new ideas at Crazy Kat in Pitman NJ, like these Ice Cream Tacos! (Image: Crazy Kat Facebook)

Crazy Kat brings another bright and exciting space to the popular Pitman Uptown area, with a very comfortable setting that you’ll want to hang out in while enjoying your delicious dessert, and sharing “instagrammable” images on social media.

They offer about a dozen seats at the front of the storefront, and the front wall is basically all glass with amazing views out to the bustling Pitman uptown.

The new Crazy Kat dessertery in Pitman is located next to Crave Pitman. Separate storefronts but they are connected with an opening through the center wall.

Can’t you just picture yourself sitting there on a quiet afternoon enjoying an amazing dessert and a fresh cup of coffee, watching folks moving about out front? It’s a scene right out of a New York based movie!

The neon signage on the interior brick wall says it all… Life is short. Eat dessert first!

And that is exactly where the focus is at Crazy Kat Pitman!

I spent an afternoon in Pitman with my daughter walking the Uptown area, visiting shops and antique stores, and picking up desserts along the way.

Blueberry Crumble Flavor Fusion at Crazy Kat in Pitman NJ! Vanilla soft-serve ice cream and Blueberry Crumble Cookie from Crave! (Image: Crazy Kat Facebook)

An amazing chicken enchilada lunch at Coco’s Cocina (facebook) was capped by a selection of delicious treats from Crazy Kat.

I spent a few minutes chatting with the staff including the store manager and a baker, who had nothing but positive things to say about their experience working in Pitman.  The community and visitors of Pitman have been nothing but positive and excited for what Crazy Kat offers.

Well that’s expected actually considering the extended team has plenty of experience with Crave!

Crave Mullica Hill Pink Cottage

Crave Pitman opened back in 2020 and I featured them in an article that September.

Both Crave and Crazy Kat are owned by Mike and Kathleen Bianco, who are local South Jersey residents who also own Bianco Security out of Vineland.

Even though they opened during the challenging times of the pandemic, things are going very well for Crave as they have expanded with Crazy Kat, and now have a second location of Crave in Mullica Hill!

Crave Pitman has a second location.. their Pink Cottage store on Main Street in Mullica Hill

It was just last week Crave Pitman announced the Crave Mullica Hill “Pink Cottage”.

The exact address is 19 S Main St. at the corner of Church.

The building sits back a little bit off of the Main Street road with a small parking lot in front of it, but you definitely won’t miss the bright pink cottage!

My understanding is, this is a retail store only meaning they bake the goods over in the Pitman location and bring them over fresh for every operating day.

Crave Pitman is expanding with a cute cottage store in Mullica Hill!

Inside the store is bright with attractive displays featuring all of the delicious products from cookies cakes and other sweets.

They’ve only been open a little more than a week and I think they’re still working out their hours. I’m reaching out for updates but for now check their Facebook page for the latest hours.

Crazy Kat Pitman Dessertery
11 S Broadway
Pitman NJ



Crave Pitman
9 South Broadway
Pitman NJ