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Cinder Bar Cross Keys Targets End of October/Early November Opening

Cinder Bar Cross Keys Targets End of October/Early November Opening
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Two years ago we broke the story of Cinder Bar coming to Cross Keys Road Williamstown, in front of Barclay Glenn Apartments and close to iHop and Sam’s Warehouse Club.  The “built from the ground up” eatery is the second Cinder Bar and is one of several establishments in a growing family of restaurant and bar business.

A recent social media post indicates they are hoping for a late October opening, but being realistic in saying it’s possible that last minute construction items could push the opening into November.


The new location is a stand alone building featuring a distinctive glass enclosed patio area, where the glass patio wall can slide over to open the space up to the outside (similar to Phily Sports Bar?)

Ciconte Restaurant Family

Cinder Bar is part of the growing Ciconte Family Restaurant Group.  The first Cinder Bar location is also a recently new construction restaurant located in a development in East Greenwich, off of 295.  The family of restaurants includes the two Village Pub locations in Swedesboro and Washington Township (5 Points) as well as several Italian/Pizza restaurants under the Ciconte name.  We are working on other information we have which indicates they are positioning themselves for even more full service restaurants in the area, and hope to post on that soon!

Cinder Bar East Greenwich: Clues of What to Expect in Cross Keys

We’ve visited Cinder Bar East Greenwich several times and are huge fans.  The decor is beautiful… it had to of been designed by someone with significant experience in the restaurant design business as the entire room is filled with character and “texture”.  The design of the first location is NOT simply “Paint the flat drywall and hang photos” like you see in so many other restaurants and chains…  at Cinderbar they’ve added elements of large brick walls, wood coverings, and other elements which come together to make for a very inviting decor!    So we can’t wait to see what they’ve done with their own free standing building!

The menu is also unique.. yes it slants towards tavern fare and features burgers, wings and pizza made in their wood burning oven, but there are many unique items on the menu especially in the appetizer category including a few featuring bacon!   We’ve found our way in the area several times during the middle afternoon and sat at the bar for few beverages and just ordered a variety of the unique appetizers.  Candied Bacon, Sriracha Deviled Eggs, Wood Fired Asparagus and Short Rib Poutine are some of our favorites!

Beer is an important aspect of the restaurant also… and the East Greenwich draft menu shows 30 different offerings from around our area and the country!

Cross Keys Continues to Boom!

Cross Keys remains a busy development corridor, with Royal Farms opening soon (two!), an Aldi Supermarket and more!


Cinder Bar Cross Keys
410 Berlin Cross Keys Road
Williamstown, New Jersey 08094