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Chipotle on Blackwood Clementon Rd Opens Friday. Wingstop Coming Soon

Chipotle on Blackwood Clementon Rd Opens Friday.  Wingstop Coming Soon
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Chipotle continues their rapid expansion through our area, with a new location on Blackwood Clementon Rd (Gloucester Township) opening Friday April 29th.

We’ve also confirmed that Wingstop is taking one of the other two units in the new building, on the opposite corner of the same building. Construction on Wingstop interior buildout has started.

No word on any potential tenants for the middle storefront.

The building is all new construction, taking the spot of where Denny’s was located at the corner of Blackwood Clementon Road and Emerson Drive.

Directly across the street is Royal Farms, and across Emerson is a Republic Bank.

The Chipotle location has been available at the corporate website for a while now with no real indication they haven’t opened yet!

Exciting news for the heavily traveled roadway! A new Burger King recently opened, a Modwash Carwash is coming, Wawa was approved for the old Entenmann’s property, and the big news is an all new Shoprite Supermarket is taking over the closed K-mart building

Winstop is coming to Blackwood Clementon Road in Gloucester Township, joining Chipotle in the same building

Chipotle – Blackwood Clementon

Chipotle is a well known “fast casual” Mexican restaurant, featuring a simple multi-step process of ordering… pick your style (Taco Shell, Burrito), Meat (Chicken, Steak, Veggie), Beans and other veggies, cheese.. etc.

As mentioned, this location opens on Friday April 29th at 10:45am.

Chipotle is still actively hiring for this location, and others in the region.

Sign on the window tells us Chipotle opens on Blackwood Clementon Road on April 29th!

Continung the theme of other new Chipotles, the Blackwood Clementon Road location features the “Chipotlane” pick-up drivethru window.

For the drive-thru, you can order online or with the mobile app and pick up your order, but you can’t pull up to an order speaker and place your order like a fast-food restaurant!

I’vd used the Sewell Chiptolane several times. When they first opened things were a little busy and the line would back up, but now it makes the pickup process very fast. It helps that orders are already paid for!

From the side Emerson Drive the Chipotlane pickup drivethru window is seen.

For the longest time Deptford had the only Chipotle in the core 42 Freeway area, and they were always packed. Ok, they are still frequently packed! Ha!

Over the most recent years though Chipotle has been on an aggressive expansion plan through our area.

Most recently a location opened in Bellmawr on the Black Horse Pike, Glassboro got a new Chipotle along with the remodeled K-mart building.

Washington Township welcomed a new location about 18 mos ago, alongside of a new First Watch breakfast and brunch eatery.

Also recently added were Cherry Hill, Cinnaminson, Marlton (two!), Sicklerville and Voorhees

Finishing touches taking place at the new Chipotle in Blackwood. And yes, they are still hiring!


Wingstop is on a growth effort of their own, with a location opened last year in Deptford and several new locations in Philadelphia and North Jersey.

Wingstop is exactly what you would expect from a restaurant with that name.  A variety of chicken wings and tenders styles, with flavorful sauces and sides.

They are now a global chain of chicken wing restaurants with over 1250 locations!  In 2015 the company became listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and today has a $4.6 Billion dollar market cap! 

Wingstop is coming to Blackwood Clementon Road, joining Chipotle within the same building. Wingstop has only just started construction.

According to Seeking Alpha, in the last 5 years they have increased store count by over 50%, just two shy of 600 new units!

Wingstop does not have a drivethru window but they do have integrated delivery options right from their online ordering.

We do not have an expected opening for this location. During our visit today, crews were inside actively working on the interior buildout.

Links And Locations

Chipotle Blackwood Clementon
1410 Blackwood Clementon Rd
Gloucester Township, NJ 08021

Opens April 29th at 10:45am

Chipotle Location Website

Wingstop Blackwood Clementon
1410 Blackwood Clementon Rd
Gloucester Township, NJ 08021

Wingstop Main Website