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Chews Landing Coming Soon: Cinco De Mayo Mexican, Boswood Bagels, Fruiggie Juice and MT Beauty, Joining Villa Russo

Chews Landing Coming Soon: Cinco De Mayo Mexican, Boswood Bagels, Fruiggie Juice and MT Beauty, Joining Villa Russo
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A small retail store building next to the Chews Landing ShopRite will soon see the opening of FOUR new retail stores in a space which was previously home to Edlen Meats.

Locally owned businesses… in fact the Boswood Bagel shop is owned by a Highland High School graduate!

I stopped in today for a slice of pizza at the Villa Russo Pizzeria and checked in on the building remodel taking place at 1160 Chews Landing Rd. The pizzeria is on the right section of the building and the build-out of new stores is on the left.

For the new construction, while workers are inside the units focused on the beginning stages of the interior build outs such as framing the walls and counters… the signage is already in place for each unit letting us know exactly who is moving in!

The signage may be up for all of the new retail stores coming to Chews Landing at the former Edlen Meats store, but inside workers are in the beginning stages of the buildout.

First I’ll offer “Kudos” to the new property owner who had the vision to convert the prior large unused retail space into four distinct units, but it’s even more impressive to have immediately signed on FOUR brand new tenants before the construction was completed!

The four businesses coming to the Chews Landing Road building are Cinco de Mayo Mexican Restaurant, MT Beauty Supply, Boswood Bagels, and Fruiggie Juice & Bowls.

These are four awesome new additions to the area, and I really like the mix of businesses which should bring a good amount of customer traffic into the space.

I chatted briefly at lunch with Villa Russo owner Vincenzo who said he was excited for the improvements in the building and thinks the combination of businesses will be beneficial to all of the individual owners.

Boswood Bagels

I’ll start with Boswood bagels because they have already have created an excellent online presence full of information, and it turns out the owner and her husband are both from Gloucester Township… and Highland High School Graduates!

Kim Corsello is the owner of Boswood Bagels (With a lot of support from her husband!).

She will be offering artisan scratch-made bagels.. infused with a little bit of homemade goodness!

At the website Kim explains her move into the fresh bagel business. Her entire career has been in the food and beverage industry, including the hotel side of hospitality.

While a portion of that time was living in New England, with her return home to Gloucester Township Kim decided to fulfill her dream of owning a place that she can call her own.

Which leads us to the name of the bagel shop, a blend of her two favorite places… Boston and Blackwood. Boswood.

Boswood Facebook

Fruiggie Juice

Of the new businesses coming to the new Chews Landing space soon, I think Fruiggie Juice may be the most well known.  Founder and owner Mike Tartaglia started Fruiggie in 2017, opening his first location in Washington Township.

Mike calls himself the Juice Boss and since 2008 he’s been perfecting recipes for cold pressed juice, smoothies, shakes and bowls which incorporate 100% natural ingredients.

He has been an entrepreneur from over 20 years including promoting athletic events such as wrestling… and he saw an opportunity to introduce healthy eating options to the South Jersey community.

Looking at the Fruiggie menu each of the categories offers a variety of recipes featuring only the healthiest ingredients. Even the juices contain 4 to 7 different ingredients! Fruiggie Facebook

MT Beauty Supply

By name only we can assume that Mt Beauty Supply is exactly that… a beauty supply store!

I did track them down to their Facebook page which has over 5,000 followers, where it seems the business is currently selling a variety of products in an online live-stream fashion.

That being said I don’t know 100% what’s in store for the Mt Beauty Supply location on Chews Landing Road…  But when it gets closer to them opening, I will be back to get the details. MT Beauty Facebook

Cinco De Mayo Mexican Restaurant

The leftmost unit will be home to Cinco de Mayo Mexican restaurant.

Across the country “Cinco De Mayo” seems to be a widely used name for independent Mexican restaurants…  and at this time I could not pinpoint any details on what is planned for Chews Landing.

But like all the other new stores, I will be back when they open to give the full report!


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