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CarMax Crosskeys moving towards Spring/April Opening

CarMax Crosskeys moving towards Spring/April Opening
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The new CarMax in Winslow Twp is moving towards a spring opening, with  online references pointing towards April.  The new location is the first in New Jersey for national used car retailer CarMax, and is located in the Cross-Keys Rd shopping district across from Texas Roadhouse and Bertucci’s.

CarMax retail locations are large properties with 50+ thousand sq ft showrooms and 300-400 cars on the lot, targeting higher quality vehicles, which go through a rigorous inspection and repairs.

Interestingly the company was started by Circuit City, which was liquidated 5 yrs ago while CarMax continues to thrive.

There is a similar concept facility in Burlington Twp called CarSense, which is not connected to CarMax.

A few interesting points about the new CarMax location…

Unlike all of the other developments up to this point on CrossKeys, this property is located on the Winslow side.  This stems from a new sewer line connection into Winslow that was completed just a few years ago.  Prior to that, because of sewer capacity in Winslow and environmental regulations, much of the development on the Winslow side was restricted.

Secondly, CarMax is calling this property CarMax Turnersville, which to us locals may seem very odd.  While many region names cross town boundaries (such as Sicklerville or Sewell), I don’t think anyone considers this area Turnersville.  Maybe I am wrong?

Possibly it stems from the original plans for this facility.  Simple Google searches show that back in 2008 CarMax was deep into the approval process with Washington Twp!   They were actively targeting a location on Rt 42 on a Martin Dodge property, which sits across from the Lowes Home Center.   Looking at the town’s archived documents from 2008, the CarMax representatives were at several monthly meetings answering questions and refining plans.

Gloucester County’s loss is Camden County’s gain.   As I’ve said in describing the theme of the site… All these towns are co-dependent, and apparently to the extent of grabbing projects from each other!

I am still looking into how and why the property moved.

The 42Freeway family is actually in the market for a car, and we are holding off a bit to visit this new facility…. A few Grand Opening promotions would be great!