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Cafe On The DL Coming To Laurel Springs.  Second Location for Popular Marlton Eatery

Cafe On The DL Coming To Laurel Springs.  Second Location for Popular Marlton Eatery
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Cafe on the DL is opening their second South Jersey location, coming to Laurel Springs on the White Horse Pike in early Fall.  The brick building is located at the corner of Fairmount Ave, across the street from 30 Strikes Lanes (one block over),

Pulled Pork: Tender slow-roasted 12-Hour Pulled Pork with Garlic-Parm Aioli, melted Provolone & Baby Greens on a butter-toasted Liscio’s Roll. Cafe on the DL Facebook

If you are unfamiliar with Cafe on the DL, they opened their first location in early 2022 in Marlton NJ.

With a delicious and innovative breakfast and lunch where all items are priced under $10, and adding in a husband and wife team who are also amazing…  Café on the DL has really connected with the community and created a big loyal fan base!

What started as a small cafe for office park workers on Route 73 (and just one seat inside), Cafe on the DL first created awareness outside of the office park via excellent use of social media including sharing photos of their delicious creations on Facebook groups such as South Jersey Food Scene and A View From Evesham.

Flatbread – Cafe on the DL Facebook

Soon their growing loyal customer base took over that promotion effort… with happy customers sharing their own photos of their incredible sandwiches and meals from Café on the DL.

We like to think we’re doing things right. Attention to details. Giving back. Building community where we can. Taking care of those who are in need. Paying it forward. Just doing the right thing and being good humans.   We find the rest takes care of itself.

Dan – Cafe on the DL

I’ve been chatting with Dan of Cafe on the DL about the news since last week… but I’ve kept the second location “on the DL” until now as at least for a short time, the Laurel Springs property is home to the original Jalsa Indian Kitchen location. I reported yesterday that Jalsa next month will relocate to their all new and larger restaurant in Somerdale NJ.

Café On The DL – No Longer On the Down-Low

If you are a fan of the Marlton location, don’t fret… Cafe On The DL Marlton is remaining open, although according to South Jersey Food Scene after Laurel Springs opens, Marlton will be more of a grab-n-go location offering their most popular items… with a few surprises to come.

What Dan and Lisa gain from opening in Laurel Springs is the one thing they don’t have in Marlton… SPACE! Both in the size of the kitchen area as well as room for dining room seating.

With the opening in the early fall of the Laurel Springs location, Dan and Lisa will be building out a larger kitchen, expanding the menu… and likely move into a dinner menu also.

Italian Spring Stallion – Romaine, Onion, Roasted Peppers, Carrot, Celery, Garbanzo, Tomato, Mozzarella, House Crouton (Parmesan-Peppercorn) Cafe on the DL Facebook

And as mentioned the new restaurant will also offer indoor table seating for customers, although they likely will not have a wait staff.

A year ago Bob Kelly of Fox 29 visited Cafe on the DL and Dan and Lisa featured several of their top selling items, as well as the cafe”s philosophpy…. Higher level gradients with lower level price points.  Nothing priced over $10. (Youtube video)

For example their Chicken Italiano sandwich is one of the original menu items and still a top seller for them.  Pesto chicken, fresh mozzarella, arugula, parmesan, roasted tomato, balsamic vinaigrette and balsamic glaze on a pressed seated roll!  Beautiful and delicious!

Meatball Parm – Cafe on the DL Facebook

A lighter lunch option is the Italian Spring Stallion featuring Romaine, Onion, Roasted Peppers, Carrot, Celery, Garbanzo, Tomato, Mozzarella, House Crouton (Parmesan-Peppercorn)

And today they shared a photo of their meatball parm which is marinara, mozzarella on an oven baked Liscio’s roll topped with pesto and parmesan… it looks so amazing I’m ready to make the drive to Marlton just to try it!

Yeah we didn’t go into this to try and make as much as we can. We just want to be able to pay the bills and pass the rest along by providing nicer food options at more affordable price points. And where people still struggle, we just give it away. To us it’s more about the solidarity of community and not having to answer to giant corporate overlords.

Dan – Cafe on the DL
Chicken and Waffles… and yes that is BACON on top! Cafe on the DL Facebook

Once Dan and Lisa get the keys to the new Laurel Springs location, of course have remodeling to do ahead of their opening… which they hope to be in early fall.

Full details on those plans have not been released but I think we all are just happy to know that this new cafe is coming to Laurel Springs, and we all will be excited to experience the new location, it’s expanded menu…. and seating!

Plus I really look forward to meeting Dan and Lisa face-to-face!

Links and Location

Cafe on the DL – Laurel Springs Coming Soon!
415 North White Horse Pike
Laurel Springs

Cafe on the DL – Open Now!
5 Greentree Center – Suite 115
Marlton NJ


Note: they state on Facebook that the Cafe in Marlton closes the week of July 4th.