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Burlington Stores for Turnersville And West Berlin Look for November Opening. Now Hiring

Burlington Stores for Turnersville And West Berlin Look for November Opening.  Now Hiring
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Two new Burlington Stores are coming to the 42Freeway area, in West Berlin and Turnersville. The latest information from them shows a November opening.

They are now hiring for both locations!

These new stores are being developed in a new smaller format store. Burlington has modified their model to develop significantly more stores across the country, but in a smaller format (with lower per-store inventory costs).

Burlington Store West Berlin
The Burlington West Berlin NJ interior plans

The West Berlin location is completely new for that area.

The Turnersville location is effectively a relocation of a store already in Washington Township. It’s a 3 mile move down the Black Horse Pike.

42Freeway previously reported on the plans for these locations. Back in January we shared the news of the Turnersville store relocation, and then in February we covered the all new West Berlin location plans.

With the Turnersville store exterior looking “ready to go” I’ve been getting questions on the expected opening.

Burlington Stores New Growth Plans

In 2021, New Jersey based Burlington Stores announced they will focus on doubling their current number of locations to 2,000, while moving to a smaller format store to reduce operating costs.

Last year Burlington stated new store locations would be targeted at currently available spaces within good quality shopping centers… simply, moving into locations of other closed stores

It’s an interesting and exciting strategy given that it seems most retail stores are at risk of reducing locations! And in the case of well know K-mart and Sears we all know they have sadly vanished!

This former Office Max store in Turnersville has been completely remodeled into a beautiful, new Burlington Clothing store. This is the new Corporate direction… more locations of smaller stores.

But clothing is something that many prefer to look at, feel, and try on. Burlington believes there is still a large retail market for people to visit their discount clothing stores, just not supporting 100,000 sq ft sized faciliites.

The new plan will bring the stores closer to even more people… who are willing to drive to shop, but maybe not too far!

Burlington Turnersville

The new Burlington store in Turnersville is taking over a former OfficeMax store which is connected to Target. The address is 5901 Route 42

With this move they are going from a 90,000 square foot store to 23,500! This is basically 1/4 the size of the existing Turnersville Store.

The roadside signage on Route 42 for Target and Burlington.

The color schemes for both Target and Burlington is a rich red, so it makes for an interesting consistent look across the large building.

Many have asked “Why would Target and the landlord allow Burlington to move there?”

Well while the two properties are connected, they are individually owned properties… similar to how townhomes are connected but individually owned.

A photo from earlier in the year showing the new Burlington Store on the right, and Target on the far left. Both sporting their Corporate Red!

The Office Max has been up for sale for years, and Burlington simply went in and made a deal.

Currently there are five different job position types posted (link)

Burlington West Berlin

The Burlington Store for West Berlin New Jersey is moving into a store location which was last home to a Modell’s Sporting Goods.

This fits right into the Corporate plan of finding existing empty stores, in good shopping centers to develop new location,

September photo of the West Berlin NJ Burlington Store… expected to open in November.

The shopping center is Berlin Circle Plaza which is located at 200 Route 73. This is very close to the “Berlin Circle”… hence the name. Ha!

The center houses a popular ShopRite supermarket which recently expanded their liquor store into an adjacent storefront.

A Marshall’s store opened not too long ago, and there is another store coming that I will post about soon.

For West Berlin they have 6 different job postings (Link)

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