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Burlington Coat Factory Deptford construction starting

Burlington Coat Factory Deptford construction starting
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Reported several weeks ago, The Burlington Coat Factory is coming to Deptford, and it looks like they are getting ready to start construction!   The location of the store is confirmed to be be in the old Sam’s Club location in the Court of Deptford.  The small twist is that the former Sam’s location will be split in half, with the Burlington store taking the right half, next to Ross.   Both stores are discount clothiers, so it could prove to be a power combination with them drawing customer’s to each other’s location.

This article’s featured images above shows the construction fencing is in place, but the clearest evidence comes from the website of property owner DLC Management.   A drawing of the facility used for leasing clearly indicates the location of the Burlington Coat Factory.

No word yet if this has any impact on the nearby Washington Twp store, but as it stands now Rt 42 could be home to two Burlington stores.

A few other additional store names have popped up in the rumor mill for this Deptford center … but until there is more info it we’ll be quiet.