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Bonesaw Brewing Opening Second Location! Bonesaw Pilot House Coming to Deptford Mall

Bonesaw Brewing Opening Second Location!  Bonesaw Pilot House Coming to Deptford Mall
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Bonesaw Pilot House is coming to the Deptford Mall! This will be a second location for the incredibly successful Bonesaw Brewing which opened their main location in Glassboro NJ just a few years ago.

While there is an official press release from Deptford Mall, 42Freeway was ahead of this story and we have already heard from one of Bonesaw’s founders, Rich D!

Bonesaw Brewing is a partnership between Rich DiVerniero and Dave Doe, and of course an amazing team of dedicated employees, including brewmaster AJ Stoll.

They expect a late 2022 opening for the Bonesaw Pilot House Brewery in the Deptford Mall.

Interestingly Pilot House will close a strange “brewery gap” in the 42Freeway area… as the three large core 42Freeway towns of Deptford, Gloucester Township and Washington Township did not have a brewery.

Those three towns equal 150,000 residents, and not one brewery within their borders… until Pilot House.

This will be licensed as a brewery only, which in New Jersey means they cannot serve food.

Bonesaw Pilot House – Deptford Mall

First off, this will be a different experience for the Deptford Mall location of Bonesaw

From the Press Release:

Bonesaw Pilot House will offer a wide array of one-off or “pilot” batches, along with some of Bonesaw’s flagship offerings. Packaged goods and merchandise will also be available at this new location.

Bonesaw Brewing and Deptford Mall 3/1/2022

The press release also includes the tagline “Get ready to take flight at Bonesaw Pilot House slated to open in late 2022.”

Bonesaw Pilot House Coming to Deptford Mall.
Signage is a 42Freeway artist depiction and will not be the final placement

Construction has already started on an 8,000 square foot location in the Deptford Mall for Bonesaw Pilot House, which is located on the South Side of the mall.

We’ve confirmed with Rich that the specific location is the lower level directly next to the Round 1 entrance (The left side of the Round 1 entrance).

Construction will include breaking open the exterior brick wall from Sears and creating an entrance to the brewery. This is similar to how the mall broke open the wall at the far corner to accommodate an Xfinity store.

We stopped at the Deptford Mall this morning and can already see that the lower trimline of brick has been removed.

The new Bonesaw Pilot House will feature a large taproom with both indoor and outdoor seating… plus a private event space!

For 42Freeway readers, Rich tells us some extra details on the Pilot House brewery

This new spot will be called “Bonesaw Pilot House“ and will focus on one off “pilot” batches while still offering some of our core favorites. This location will house a 15 bbl brewhouse and cellar and will have a different vibe than our Glassboro production facility.

Rich D from Bonesaw Brewing regarding their upcoming Deptford Mall location.

15 bbls is a more than decent sized system for their secondary brewery, and inline or larger than other independent breweries in the area!

Bonesaw Glassboro – Growing!

I’m not a kid anymore, I don’t have time to wait 10 years to get to this size!.

Bonesaw Co-Founder Rich back in 2018 to his then recently hired brewmaster AJ Stoll, who had commented on how impressively large the all new Glassboro facilty was.

Bonesaw is now deeply rooted in the South Jersey brewery world… and in many ways it’s the mecca of South Jersey craft brewing.

Located on 322 near the Route 55 exit and Inspira Hospital, it has quickly become a South Jersey destination for beer drinkers and those who are just curious in checking out the still new and large brewery.

Bonesaw Brewing Flagship Brewery in Glassboro NJ

It’s a wildly popular beer tasting room to visit, and their beers can be found in bars and taverns all over the Delaware Valley and beyond!

Success has been so strong for them, they have already completed an expansion in Glassboro, and they are finishing up the interior build of a second floor tasting room space… the Lager Loft!

All of this in what…. less than 4 years?

And now a second brewery!?

Rich wasn’t kidding when he said he didn’t have time to wait!

If you haven’t been to Bonesaw Glassboro.. it truly is worth the visit.

The interior is very inviting… like a modern day log cabin in Colorado.

There is a fireplace with comfortable seating, a variety of seating options inside and outside along the surrounding patio. Large glass garage style doors let a ton of light into the space, and on warmer days open up to bring the outside in.

and of course a huge variety of craft beers which were created and brewed right there in Glassboro.

We recently visited the Glassboro location and counted over 20 beers on tap, including their signature Swoosh beer which is found in many bars around the area.

Bonesaw Brewing Glassboro – Back house expansion and grain silo.

Even more impressive is the size of the brewery operation.

Large glass windows in the brewery area clearly show that this is no “Mr Beer Home Kit” operation.

The Bonesaw team started off big, and they’ve been adding equipment along the way.

I remember getting a tour back in 2018 and noting that the walk in refrigerator area was larger than many other South Jersey breweries.

And they’ve since expanded.

We’ll have more shortly on Bonesaw Glassboro… regarding the completion of the back-end expansion and the upcoming second floor area.

Links and Location

Bonesaw Pilot House at Deptford Mall (Coming Soon)
1750 Deptford Center Road
Deptford Mall NJ

Bonesaw Glassboro
570 Mullica Hill Road
Glassbor NJ