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Bogey’s Sewell Takes Flight With Remodel and Innovative Concepts. Wing Flights? Chilling Beer Flight Boards?

Bogey’s Sewell Takes Flight With Remodel and Innovative Concepts.  Wing Flights?  Chilling Beer Flight Boards?
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Bogey’s Sewell restaurant at the Pitman Golf course has completely reimagined itself with a full remodel inside and out with patio expansion, as well as an innovative new menu and concepts featuring creative “flights”!

A Wing Flight featuring Bonesaw Brewing beer in the sauces?

A Chilling Beer Flight Board that launches on Sept 15th?

They are just two of the creative surprises in store at Bogey’s.

NOTE: RESERVATIONS are encouraged. The secret is already out on Bogey’s Sewell. Demand can be bigger than space, especially busy dinner times!

This is a long one! Lots of photos! Keep scrolling and reading for all the details on Wing Flights, Chilling Beer Flight Boards and more!

Bogey’s Restaurant at the Pitman Golf Club is offering an innovative menu and a variety of innovative “flights” including a Wing Flight with sauces made with Bonesaw Beer and the Chilling Beer Flight Boards!

These ideas are so innovative, management and staff had to go into “Research & Development” mode for weeks to develop the concepts and then have the flight boards custom made! They just didn’t exist!

And the “flights” theme comes in many forms at Bogey’s. How about a Margarita Flight available on Taco Tuesdays? Or a Mimosa Flight for Sunday Brunch?

But it’s all so much more than even that with a full delicious menu in a fully upgraded and beautiful space. Indoors and out.

Bogey’s Restaurant at the Pitman Golf Club has a completely remodeled beautiful interior.

Not to mention the significantly expanded back patio overlooking the golf course!

If you haven’t been to Bogey’s in the last two years you are missing out! It’s definitely not the same place I visited 7 years ago to see a friend’s band play.

Bogey’s Restaurant and Event space is located at the Pitman Golf Club on Pitman Road, Sewell NJ.

The golf course is also available to play but operates under separate management.

Today it’s all about Bogey’s!

Margarita Flights? Have you heard of such a thing? Bogey’s Sewell at Pitman Golf on Taco Tuesdays!

Bogey’s Interior Remodel

I recently caught up with two awesome people from the Bogey’s family… Bogey’s owner Al, as well as Cecily who heads up their marketing and more.

But actually I first popped in about a month ago unannounced… knowing things had changed but not knowing what to expect.

I stopped in my tracks as I entered through the doorway of Bogey’s!

The transformation of the restaurant is startling. In an amazingly good way.

See, my last visit was probably 7 years ago or more and back then… well my memories of the place then are very “institutional”. Just very plain at the time.

But today it’s clear that every surface is new. Modern. Rustic. Inviting.

Beautiful new interior at Bogey’s Restaurant, at the Pitman Golf Club

And it wasn’t enough to just change the colors of the walls.. they’ve added in interesting textures and features.

Was that fireplace there before? it doesn’t matter. It looks awesome today!

The flooring of the space is a completely new woodgrain style, The wall surfaces were fully upgraded with wainscot, light paint color and trim.

The main bar configuration is mostly the same as before, seating about 12 comfortably, but its all been refreshed.

The restaurant seating is a mix of traditional height and high-top tables with a dark natural finish.

Shrimp Tacos in the front, Asian Chicken in the back. Amazing and fresh. Bogey’s Sewell at the Pitman Golf Club

And a wood-finished wall with glass fireplace and BOGEY’S on the wall really works as a visual accent.

It’s a very professional design where every detail was considered. I am impressed with the attention to details across the entire restaurant actually.

As an example, maybe I am the only one who would notice this but in the hallway before entering into the restaurant they have large versions of the menus on display, nicely framed with dedicated lighting.

So most restaurants would just tape a copy of the menu to the wall. But at Bogey’s this was a project.. a real multiple day effort with an electrician, contractor, graphic designer and large-format printer.

That’s attention to detail.

So I had to put a picture of the menu sign in here. There’s actually a different set also and I may slip that in. Attention to details! Bogey’s Sewell at Pitman Golf Club NJ

A Wing Flight? Sewell, We Have Liftoff!

So still in that first visit I found a comfortable seat at the bar where the wonderful bartender Carley guided me through an excellent selection of beers.

And then I noticed something being brought to a table nearby. Wait a minute.. is that a chicken wing platter… with sauces like a flight? Carley, what is that!?!

A wing flight?


Chicken wings, your choice of three sauces made from Bonesaw Brewing Beer, and Blue Cheese. Pure Genius.
Bogey’s Sewell at Pitman Golf Club NJ

The Bogey’s Wing Flights are just one of those ideas that you think…. it’s so inventive and creative, yet at the same time you wonder “how the heck did someone not already have this idea?”

Oh a half-step back. If you aren’t familiar with the term “Flight” in context of a bar, it’s targeted at sampling a variety of beers. Smaller sized samples in small glasses, most times served on some type of board that ties it all together.

And let’s be clear by saying that in 100 out of 100 bars, a flight refers to serving beer.

But at Bogey’s they’ve really stepped outside the box and made it a chicken wing thing… while still paying homage to the “beer” roots of flights.

So like a beer flight, the wings are served on a flat light colored wood panel, where 4 recessed holes have been drilled.

It looks very much like a large version of a board that a brewery would use. In this case the larger flat portion is where the wings rest.

And those recessed holes for small glasses? Well they are for wing sauces! Buffalo Wing sauces made with different varieties of Bonesaw Beer!

Each sauce is a unique flavor, style and heat component made to match the flavors of a particular Bonesaw Brewing beer.

I was tempted to make every photo in this post a Wing Flight. Bogey’s Sewell in the Pitman Golf Club NJ

A fourth glass was for blue cheese and celery.

You get it? It’s genius. It’s creative. It’s delicious! And more importantly it actually works!

Go to GOOGLE and search on Wing Flights. Click Images. As of Sept 2022 you won’t see this idea on the internet except in my photos from Bogey’s.

By the way if you weren’t aware, Bonesaw Brewing is an amazing Glassboro Brewery who just opened a larger second floor Lager Loft tasting room and event space!

In my second visit when I had chance to chat with Cecily about the Wing Flights and she explained that every aspect of them was designed in the restaurant.

Nothing is off the shelf. The boards are custom designed and created. To make sure the wings could be dipped into the glass they tested dozens of glasses for size and a variety of wing suppliers.

And then of course the chef had to create a delicious chicken wing recipe and a variety of Bonesaw Brewery based sauces.

I literally just wrote 500 words on chicken wing flights. I truly am that impressed.

The Patio, The Team, The Food

Honestly after that first visit I had enough information and photos I could’ve written an interesting post weeks ago.

But I soon found myself chatting on the phone with their marketing guru Cecily who invited me over to meet with her and owner Al.

So a few weeks later on a beautiful summer afternoon I found myself enjoying lunch with the Bogey’s folks on their newly expanded and upgraded patio.

The patio expansion also was a real-deal project. What was a thin strip of patio along the outside back wall was now almost the size of the restaurant inside!

A large patio provides more options for diners at Bogey’s Sewell in the Pitman Golf Club NJ

They’ve also added a sun screen roof, and heaters are in place for cooler weather.

So Al, Cecily and I sat down for a nice lunch on an awesome afternoon.

I had learned early in my chat with Cecily that she had a sharp mind, creative ideas and an attention for detail. Within minutes of my meeting with Al I realized they made a great team.

Al is also a person of many ideas and who knows how to get things done.

He is very much a bold personality but in a very positive way. The type of guy who if you are at a party at his house he’s making sure your glass is always full, and your not leaving with an empty stomach.

Panino Cotoletta Chicken Sandwich at Bogey’s Sewell in the Pitman Golf Club NJ

After sitting down a few minutes and going through initial intros, Al then politely excused himself for a minute.

He came back a few minutes later with an employee following behind, who headed off to the lounge seating area on the deck.

It was about noon at the time and as Al was sitting at our table he had noticed the outdoor lounge furniture didn’t have the cushions set out.

Are you catching the real theme of this? Attention to details! They have it at Bogey’s Sewell, from creative food design, menus at the entrance and even making sure the tables are set up properly.

The three of us chatted for over an hour.

They were both as much interested in what I was doing, as I was in them and Bogey’s! I really appreciate that guys.

Expanded outdoor patio, Bogey’s Sewell in the Pitman Golf Club NJ

The menu covers the gambit from smaller items such as Appetizers, Tacos, Wings and Sandwiches to larger bites including Chicken Parm, Key West Salmon, Maryland Crab Cakes, and Filet Mignon.

The service was excellent and quick, but yea.. I was sitting with the bosses!

Since it was lunch time we went with the more casual side of the menu, we just ordered a LOT!

Shrimp Tacos with broiled shrimp, lettuce, pico de gallo & mango habanero sauce.

Asian Chicken with grilled chicken & general tso’s sauce with a house slaw.

Fries with REAL crab chunks. Something else I’ve never had before! French fries that live up to the “crab” name!

And a Panino Cotoletta sandwich with grilled chicken, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, spring mix & red pepper aioli on a fresh ciabatta

And of course more of the wing flights!

Ok wow… that was a LOT of food! Thank you so much Al and the Bogey’s team!

Everything looked amazing and tasted even better than they looked!

You can check out the full menu here for all the delicious options.

Fries with crabs! Am I allowed to say Crab…. anyway this is amazing! Giant chunks of crab, fresh french fries and a delicious cheese sauce. Bogey’s Sewell at Pitman Golf Club NJ

Part of the Community, Not Just In It

Al believes in helping people. You do it because you want to and you want to help.

But we also used the word “Karma” in our conversation. Not that it’s ever about getting anything in return but I believe if you feed karma in a positive way, good karma will come back to you.

So we spent some time talking about the impacts of the Covid crisis on businesses and restaurants.

While the restaurant was impacted, Al and the team felt the need to help those in the community. Covid was risky for all of us, but in particular for Seniors there were extra risks related to close contact.

Bogey’s Sewell at Pitman Golf Club NJ front entrance where 6,000 free meals were picked up during the Covid quarantine.

So the Bogey’s team did their part in a very big way.

During the height of the pandemic and lockdowns, Bogey’s and other caring businesses teamed up to provide over 6,000 meals for area Seniors!

What started out as a Bogey’s effort with many volunteering their time, soon gained support and donations from other area business to provide support and food for meals… up to 500 per day!

It’s an amazing story of not just being in the community, but being a true integral part of the community!

You can read more about it in an excellent write-up at the Sun Newspapers.

Bogey’s Chilling Beer Flight Boards

Your Next Flight is Read For Take-off!

When you have a good thing, you stick with it, and the “flights” at Bogey’s have been hugely successful.

The Wing flights are available All Day, Every Day. Margarita flights are available Tuesday nights.

And Sunday brunch brings mimosa flights!

Next up are Beer Flights! Launching Thursday September 15, 2022!

Starting Thursday Sept 15th Bogey’s Sewell is offering Chilling Beer Flight Boards to keep your beers colder longer!

Needle scratch across the record… eerrrrrrsscccc…

“Ummm Mark, beer flights aren’t new. That’s what everyone offers!”

Have you not learned anything reading all of this Bogey’s commentary. Nothing about Bogey’s is “everyone”

Well let’s just dive into what the Bogey’s extra take on a traditional beer flight is.

So one problem with beer flights is keeping everything cold. While they are smaller glasses, there are four of them.

The Chilling Beer Flight Boards are so innovative they are custom made for the restaurant! Bogey’s Sewell in the Pitman Golf Club NJ

With a variety of different beers wouldn’t it be great if each sip was as cold as when it was served to you?

Well Bogey’s has a solution for that. Starting Thursday September 15, 2022 Bogey’s will offer their beer flights with a Chilling Flight Beer board which is a metal serving tray that is kept super chilled prior to your ordering.

When you order your beer flight, a fresh and ice cold tray is pulled from the super chill fridge and it becomes the serving platter for your ice cold beer samples!

Sure if you are really slow and drinking your beer flight they are going to warm up eventually, but this definitely extends the cold time of your beer!

Bogey’s Sewell beer flights are served on a chilled metal tray!! Chilling Beer Flight Boards!

It’s another innovative idea that again seems genius yet so simple at the same time. Similar to the wing flights you’ll think “why hasn’t someone done this before?!”

And again the case of Bogey’s they had to go into full engineer mode.

Bogey’s Chilling Beer Flight Boards are custom machined for Bogey’s. They literally had the idea for a product that no one was selling currently…in a way that they thought of!

Coming Thursday September 15th 2022

Links and Location

RESERVATIONS Encouraged especially during busier dinner times

Bogey’s Bistro Sewell at the Pitman Golf Club
501 Pitman Road
Sewell, NJ 08080



Ok more menus on the wall. Ya get it though right? The put a big effort into everything at Bogey’s Sewell in the Pitman Golf Club NJ
New expanded patio at Bogey’s Sewell in the Pitman Golf Club NJ