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Bison Coffee in Washington Twp Opens Thursday 3/3

Bison Coffee in Washington Twp Opens Thursday 3/3
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Bison Coffee opens Thursday in Washington Township NJ in the newer “Washington Square Town Center” complex! This is Bison’s second location, with their first location and bean roasting facility in Philadelphia.

Bison is owned by a Father and Son team who live in South Jersey’s Deerfield Township.

The modern and new strip mall that Bison is a part of sits on Hurffville – Cross Keys Road next to the Virtua Complex. It is all part of a larger complex which includes a variety of retail, medical, assisted living, and housing options!

Rothman is a large tenant also at the front of the property, and Bison is in the retail section to the left.

42Freeway first reported on Bison Coffee coming back in January 2020. Covid impacts have obviously delayed their opening but let’s focus on… BISON OPENS THURSDAY!

Keep scrolling down to read more about Bison, and other planned eateries for the center!

Washington Square Town Center welcomes the opening of Bison Coffee. More to Come!

Bison Coffee – Setting Themselves Apart

We mentioned they roast their beans in the area… which already sets a defining aspect of Bison Coffee… they aren’t simply taking someone else’s coffee that was roasted and packaged on the West Coast.

We’ve been chatting with son Donny over the fall, trying to pinpoint the opening date. And of course now we have it!

But when we want to know more about this coffee company… who better to tell the story of Bison Coffee than Donny himself!

We are serious about our coffee and some of the equipment like the espresso machine is built in Italy and shipped over.

We are roasting right over the bridge in Philadelphia. Our signature Bison Blend is what we use for Drip coffee and a few Cold brews occasionally. It’s unique to us and we spent a lot of time crafting it just right. It’s ideal for home brew as well which is why it’s our first retail option.

Bison Coffee – Washington Township (Gloucester County NJ) Opens 3/3/2022

Regarding the overall philosophy of Bison Coffee, Donny went on to add:

Yes we are family owned and from New Jersey. Father & son team looking to elevate the coffee game in the area. We will be featuring a lot of single origin coffees as well that are specifically selected in their peak season and small batch. Some come from lots as small as a typical backyard all the way from South America and Africa.

Pride in every cup is our goal

Donny : Co-Owner of Bison Coffee

Washington Square Town Center – More to Come!

As mentioned earlier, Washington Square Town Center is part of a new and large multi-use project in Washington Township.

A portion of the street facing property is allocated for retail, and several businesses have been open for months and years.

Also to come… presumably this spring, are…

What’s The Scoop is a locally owned ice cream shop opening soon in Washington Township

What’s the Scoop: A locally owned ice cream shop where all of the delicious hard ice cream and water ice will be made in the store! We reported on What’s the Scoop in September 2021

Santucci’s Pizza: A regionally famous and unique pizzeria! Santucci’s makes a square pizza, but it’s not as thick as a sicilian style … and many say it is upside down… the cheese is on the bottom, and the sauce is on top! We reported on Santucci’s in April 2021.

These all add up to very exciting additions for any one town.. let alone all in the same shopping center just dozens of feet apart!

We stopped in to check on all three businesses just a few weeks ago, and all were under construction activity.

Based on our visible cues alone it looks like What’s the Scoop could be next to open, followed by Santucci’s.

Instantly these three business make this little center a destination place to visit!

Not to mention serving all of the residents in the large complex!

The Famous Santucci’s Pizza opens this spring in Washington Township NJ

Links and Location

Bison Coffee Washington Township
253 Hurffville – Cross Keys Rd
Sewell, NJ 08080

7am-4pm weekdays
8am-3pm on weekends