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BioLife Plasma Services Coming To Deptford Plaza Clements Bridge Road. March 13 Opening. Hiring!

BioLife Plasma Services Coming To Deptford Plaza Clements Bridge Road.  March 13 Opening. Hiring!
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BioLife Plasma Services is moving into The Plaza at Deptford, where Edge Fitness and Raymour & Flanigan are located.  They are a plasma donation center… yes for people to come and donate plasma, and get paid for it!

Not our typical post here at 42Freeway, but they are taking space in a core Deptford Retail shopping center.  The windows were boarded up to hide the construction activity inside which makes people wonder “I wonder what new retail store is coming in?!”

The location sits close to the inside corner of the “L” shaped center, taking over 2 retail locations (combined into one).  Next to them is The Dental Group, and Lumber Liquidators is next to them.

While I am not an expert on plasma donation centers, the Deptford location appears to be fairly good sized, as online lease marketing documents put the square footage at over 16,000 sq ft.

Plasma Donations

What I’ve learned from the BioLife site, is that while it appears to be the same process as donating blood, there are distinct differences with plasma donations.

Well first, what is plasma?  From the BioLife website:

Plasma consists primarily of water and proteins that help the body control bleeding and infection. It also makes possible natural chemical communication among different parts of the body by carrying minerals, hormones, vitamins and antibodies.

The key difference to the donator is, you can donate twice in the same week!  This is completely different from “whole blood” donations.  And as we mentioned, you are paid for your donations!

For all the details, check this press kit pdf, but I’ll summarize it here:

In traditional “whole blood” donation, a portion of your blood is drawn into a container.  For a short time your body has a lower amount of blood and you need to wait eight weeks before donating again (I assume for your body to replenish the blood that was drawn).

With plasma donation, the process is basically the same to the donor, but right after donating, your blood is separated to remove the plasma donation from the whole blood, which goes to BioLife.  Then whole blood elements (red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets) are returned to the donor via a plasmapheresis process!

In plasma donation, because the cellular components are returned to the donor, a donor can donate as often as twice a week (with at least a day separation between donations)!

The website states that the donation process can take up to two hours.

Again I am not a medical expert.  Check their website!


The BioLife FAQ makes it clear that donors are paid, but I didn’t see a set pricing schedule on their page.

You’ll need to check with the facility, but non-official online resources describe the pay schedule as $20 for first donation in the week, and $30 for the second in the same rolling week.   It also appears that at times they run special pricing programs.

The BioLife FAQ Describes the reasoning as:

Plasma donors spend up to two hours, as often as twice a week, in our centers to help save someone’s life or improve the quality of it. In addition, plasma donors must undergo physical examinations at least annually and a medical history questioning every time they come in to donate.

You should also inquire about how donors are paid.  It appears that it was cash previously, but with Covid in place they may have changed their process.

Oh and of course, you really are helping out people in need!

Note there are other “brands” of Plasma Donation centers in the area, including “B Positive” in Glassboro and of course the American Red Cross.  Be sure to research!


They are actively hiring for the new Deptford location.  As expected, many of the positions are for trained and licensed medical professionals.

Check the online career site, or other third-party sites.. for career opportunities.

As of this morning (Jan 21, 2021) I see EIGHT different positions listed, from full Nurse RN, to Phlebotomist, and Center Supervisor.

BioLife Plasma Services
1450 Clements Bridge Rd Ste 11,
Deptford, NJ 08096