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Berri Caffeinated in Barrington is OPEN! Acai, Smoothies, Coffee, Light Breakfast and more

Berri Caffeinated in Barrington is OPEN! Acai, Smoothies, Coffee, Light Breakfast and more
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Berri Caffeinated has opened in Barrington NJ, in a beautifully redeveloped building located directly across the street from the Old Rail Tavern (and also across the railroad tracks from the Tonewood Brewery)

The beautifully designed corner cafe features a bright and inviting interior with big windows which opens the place up to smalltown business district.

Is Berri Caffeinated a coffee cafe?  An acai bowl cafe?  A smoothie café?   A quick breakfast café?

Yes, yes, yes… and Yes!

Regardless of the season, Berri Caffeinated has you covered!

Delicious and fresh acai bowls! Berri Caffeinated Barrington

Top sellers right now will likely be their healthy and delicious Acai Bowls, and the cool and tasty smoothies…  All loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables (depending on your choice).

Or stop in year round for freshly brewed coffee with a variety of styles including cappuccinos, American, lattes and more.

You can also grab a freshly baked croissant, muffin…  or maybe a delicious breakfast sandwich.

A beautiful interior design at Berri Caffeinated Barrington

During my visit today I had a chance to try an empanada which was loaded with flavor.. But you must order it with the picante sauce which really bumps up the flavor profile a few more levels and adds a good splash of heat to the mix.

Today I caught up with one of the partners Raquel, who lives right in Barrington. She is excited to be able to bring this beautiful new shop to her own neighborhood.  You can’t get more local than that!

Berri Caffeinated Barrington – The Avenue

The new Berri Caffeinated shop is part of a wonderful building refurbishment in a prime spot along Barrington’s walkable small town business district.

The building sits at the corner of Clements Bridge Road and Barrington Ave… running along the railroad tracks.

The prime corner unit was most recently home to a serries of antique stores.  Going back more than ten years ago there was a locksmith located there.

The Avenue – Barrington NJ. All new remodel of an older building. Brought back to life!

42Freeway first brought news of The Avenue redevelopment to readers back in May of 2022, where the ambitious project intended to keep the core “bones” of the building intact but at the same time completely rebuild every aspect of it.

It’s quite amazing actually to see how close the final product matches the architectural renderings from two years ago.

Before the project started the front façade along Barrington Avenue looked like 3 separate buildings of completely different styles and designs… just stuck together end to end.

Berri Caffeinated Barrington is located directly across the street from the Old Rail Tavern

Today they it is a beautifully designed cohesive exterior brick décor, with numerous windows along the longer Barrington Avenue side.

The first floor features three businesses and of course Berri Caffeinated is the first one to open at the corner property.

The second unit is rented also, which I think is a nail salon… If I can remember correctly

Mark from 42Freeway tries a Berri Caffeinated “Mango Tango” smoothie!

Raquel tells me the owner would love to have a restaurant for the third unit, to fully balance things out.  If you are interested in that third unit you can contact the building owner at 856-889-6476.

As mentioned the Berri Caffeinated cafe is a beautifully designed space which gives me the vibe of a of an island feel to it, but then at the same time I also want to say slightly early 1920s Victorian?

Hmmm maybe it’s a Key West vibe?  Not over the top tropical but a cafe you would find on Duval Street where they’ve completed rebuilt an 1890s old Victorian into a modern cafe?

High-top seating offers great views outside!

Adding to that vibe, the entire back wall is a old-fashioned style tile, and the detail work in the ceiling and the front counter… well it just gives it an older Key West feeling to me!

Plants are hanging throughout the space as well as other attractive design elements including a wall of small shelves with interesting knickknacks

There is plenty of room for seating with multiple tables seating four people as well as two high top counter areas along the two large windows on either side of the front door.

The counters and tables are very unique also as they are large natural wood pieces.

In the back corner is a small casual lounge area. Overall it’s a perfect place to catch up on work emails on the laptop, while enjoying a delicious acai bowl, smoothie.. or anything!

During my visit I got to try first a mango tango smoothie… made from the freshest ingredients, topped with whipped cream and additional mango pieces. I moved through that quickly!

I also tried the acai with the “Barrington Bowl”, which is fresh strawberries, bananas, granola and nutella… resting on top of a good portion of acai!

Lastly as a bonus Raquel gave me an empanada to try which as I mentioned was very tasty on it’s own… And the piccante sauce really takes it to the next level.

Overall the Berri Caffeinated shop is a perfect addition to Barrington!

Links and Locations

Berri Caffeinated
102 Clements Bridge Road, Ste 1
Barrington, NJ 08007

Hours are 7 days a week… 7am to 7pm. (Since its the “soft opening” phase, hours my be adjusted)