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Bath and Body Works Signed On at Turnersville’s Walmart Center. Between Ulta and Hand Stone Massage

Bath and Body Works Signed On at Turnersville’s Walmart Center.  Between Ulta and Hand Stone Massage
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Earlier this year Bath & Body Works signed on to join the Cross Keys Commons shopping center in Turnersville (across from Walmart).  A 2021 opening is targeted.

The specific location for the new store is next to Ulta and Hand & Stone Massage, which is very close to Tuckahoe Road.

Basically anyone who has visited the Deptford Mall is familiar with Bath & Body Works…  they are the largest bath shop chain in the US, specializing in shower gels, fragrance mists, perfumes, creams, candles.  Fresh scents and soft skin, ha!   They are part of the same company which also owns Victoria Secrets!  

I think for many women heading to the mall, a visit to Bath & Body Works is an automatic!  🙂 

This is another of a series of new signings at the Cross Keys Commons, who just this summer added; Shoe Show Mega, Mr. Liquors, Dollar Tree

When Are They Opening?

Brixmor is the owner/manager of the Turnersville shopping center, and the Bath & Body Works store appeared on their website property map very early this year… maybe even pre-Covid.  We had noticed it but hadn’t posted as we were waiting for some signs of activity.

Six months later the store is still listed on the website property map, with no activity… so we reached out to Brixmor.

We have signed a lease with Bath & Body Works at Cross Keys Commons. They are expected to open next year, however, we defer to the tenant as they prefer to state their opening date

Obviously Covid has played a part in the lack of construction.  Things slowed down for everything.

But they do have a signed lease, and recent earnings reports show that Bath & Body Works had a booming summer!  Recent articles state the brand showed a 13% year over year growth, and get this… the parent company’s stock price bounced back 142% over the summer!  So that should make us think… yeah they’re still coming.