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At Home Turnersville Store is Open! (Photos)

At Home Turnersville Store is Open!  (Photos)
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The highly anticipated “At Home” home store opened on Thursday 10/17/2019!   42Freeway gave the store a quick walk-through last night and grabbed some photos along the way!   The location was previously the The Dump, and before that it was  Bradlees (1986), Jefferson Ward (1981) and back in the 70s the location housed Two Guys!

Kudos to everyone involved in the development of this new store as it all came together incredibly fast!  We broke the story of At Home coming back in February of this year (Thanks to a reader tip!), The Dump started the liquidation sale in March, remodeling of the store started immediately after The Dump closed, which included the removal of the old Jefferson Ward angled facade! Here they are now opened in time for the huge holiday shopping season.  The entire remodeling process took 4-5 months?   That’s amazing!  Well, considering they were mainly just doing cosmetic changes it came down to simple construction permits… and not having to go through planning and other approvals is a significant time savings.

What is At Home?

Simple definition is it’s a home decor store with products similar to Hobby Lobby’s decor selection… BUT, At Home is massive and the selection is extensive.  Something niche like barstools where I would expect a couple options at most… At Home has dozens of varieties!   When I shopped in the Cherry Hill location in the summer, the variety of patio furniture cushions was overwhelming.  And with the timing of they opening right before the holiday season, the Christmas Seasonal products are extensive!

It’s not that I am big home decor guy (more of a tech/gadget guy), but At Home is the kind of store you could spend a lot of time in browsing the aisles as there as so many things that will grab your attention.

From my February Post:

If you aren’t familiar with the At Home stores… this is a MAJOR WIN for Washington Township, as these stores are massive at around 90-120,000 sq feet, and will be a big draw for shoppers from a far distance.  Simply…people will drive out of their way to visit, and along the way hopefully visit other stores and restaurants on the Black Horse Pike.  There is currently an At Home store in Cherry Hill behind the Cherry Hill Mall, located in the former Pathmark.   Consider that.. a home decor store the size of a Pathmark Supermarket, or The Dump!!   You can make comparisons to the Hobby Lobby home decor section… it’s just At Home is just bigger.  Much bigger.  The selection is enormous.

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At Home Turnersville
5700 Route 42 North
Turnersville NJ 08012

Store Hours
Mon – Sat: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sun: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
We’re closed on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.