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American Heritage Credit Union Coming to Glendora, Relocation of Bellmawr Branch.

American Heritage Credit Union Coming to Glendora, Relocation of Bellmawr Branch.
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American Heritage Credit Union will soon be relocating their Bellmawr branch to a much larger and modern building on the Black Horse Pike in Glendora (Gloucester Township) New Jersey.

Previously this Glendora building housed an OceanFirst bank branch, which closed in the last six months or so.

The new location sits at the busy intersection of Evesham Road and Black Horse Pike, and has a roomy and modern look to it. The Glendora building will also offer an an extensive drive-thru setup which is not offered in Bellmawr.

So to be clear, Bellmawr is still open… and the Glendora location is “coming soon”.

While we were not able to determine when the relocation finalizes, the Glendora location already has the new signage up, and the changeable digital sign flashes “Coming Soon”

Multiple drive-thru lanes will be available at the new Glendora location of American Heritage Credit Union. This is not available a the Bellmawr Branch.

American Heritage Credit Union

American Heritage is a large Philadelphia area Credit Union with over 250,000 members, and $4 billion in assets.

They were formed in 1948 as the Budd Workers Federal Credit Union. Budd was a large Philadelphia manufacturing complex in the Auto industry. From those roots, the Credit Union was able to grow with new corporate relationships and locations.

Today American Heritage is in the top 90 largest credit unions in the US with 35 locations in the Philadelphia region.

A prime location for the new American Heritage Credit Union branch coming to Glendora NJ

In New Jersey they have two locations… Cherry Hill and Bellmawr. As mentioned, Bellmawr will soon move to Glendora.

Credit Unions differ from banks in that credit unions are not-for-profit organizations.

This not-for-profit status means typically their fees are less expensive, and savings account interest rates paid to members are higher.

There are certain criteria to joining a credit union, including a list of sponsor companies and certain towns. You can review online but it’s best to reach out to them directly to confirm your eligibility.

Bellmawr Branch of American Heritage Credit Union – Soon to be Glendora

For over 50 years the small Bellmawr location operated as an independent Credit Union called “Community Federal” and originally was created to support the workers at the former Owens Corning plant in Barrington.

The small Bellmawr building is located on Browning Road in the area of Dominic’s Tavern (but across the street).

The current Bellmawr branch of American Heritage Credit Union is still open but relocating to Glendora.

In 2014 the Bellmawr company merged with American Heritage Federal Credit Union, joining them as a new location of the much larger organization.

Again as mentioned, that Bellmawr office location will be moving to the much larger and more prominently locates location in Glendora New Jersey

Links And Locations

American Heritage Credit Union – Coming Soon to Glendora!
1320 N Black Horse Pike
Glendora, NJ 08029

American Heritage Credit Union Website

American Heritage Credit Union Facebook

The side entrance to what will soon be the Glendora offices of American Heritage.