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84 Lumber Deptford Expansion Underway

84 Lumber Deptford Expansion Underway
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A new building is going up next to Deptford’s 84 Lumber which is part of a larger expansion of the Hurffville Road business.

84 Lumber appeared before the Deptford Zoning Board back in August of 2020 seeking approval for three new buildings, additional parking and outdoor storage areas.

This meeting was held as a Zoom meeting to which 42Freeway listened in on, but at the time we did not post. The Zoning Board meeting minutes were also used for the content of this post.

84 Lumber Deptford expansion underway. Aerial view from the rear of the property. Additional building are planned.

Construction Industry Growth = Supplier Growth

A core goal of the expansion is storage for specialty items which can not get wet by being left outdoors.

84 Lumber’s planner states that the types of uses in this flex zone is consistent with zoning, and what is being added is an overall improvement to the property, as parking, stormwater management, fencing and lighting will all be upgraded.

There will be no expansion of the retail operation. It was explained that 90% of their business was contractors and only 10% were walk-in retail type customers.

84 Lumber on Hurffville Road Deptford. Green is current property, and red indicates expansion. (not to scale)

A key topic of discussion in the meeting was they will be introducing the use of an on site saw to cut lumber. This is currently not a part of the 84 Lumber operations.

It was clarified that the facility operates from 7am to 6pm typically, and the saw use is not consistent and only based on the customer orders which require cutting.

To account for the protentional noise impacts from the large saw to residents living behind the 84 Lumber property, an insulated and soundproof wall/room will be installed to buffer the sound of the saw.

Dust collection was also discussed and met the requirements of the zoning board.

The frame of a new building is in place at 84 Lumber in Deptford

During the zoning meeting traffic from cars and trucks were discussed and no considerable changes were expected.

Residents Spoke at Zoning Meeting

Several residents who live on the quiet dead-end street behind 84 Lumber spoke regarding this approval.

Key topics were the request to increase the buffer area distance from 50ft to 100 ft. I believe this change was not made.

There will be 2 or 3 tractor trailer visits in the afternoon, and there will be no night visits.

Another resident spoke on the need to keep the rear of the 84 Lumber property maintained, in particular the storm water basin.

They also had questions about the lighting… concerns that it would be too bright in the evening. The Township planner said that locations of lighting would be worked out (presumably with the residents in mind)

Existing 84 Lumber Building in Deptford NJ.

A third resident spoke who wondered if development could even take place there, as then wooded property had some nearby wetlands. The response was that the wetlands were checked, and we can now see that the NJDEP did review the project.

  • Screening around saw for noise mitigation
  • Compliance with review letters
  • Onsite meeting for site cleanup
  • Parking lot resurfaced and restriped
  • Barb wire removed
  • 8 ft. black coated fence with black slats
  • Additional landscaping by Professionals as raised by public
  • Lighting to be reviewed by Professionals as raised by public

The summary of changes to go along with the approval where outlined as:

Full disclosure, the writer of this article asked one of the questions at this meeting.

Links and Location

84 Lumber Deptford
1701 Hurffville Rd
Sewell, NJ 08080