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Construction has started on a new Dunkin Donuts on Rt 47 (Delsea Drive), down by the North-Bound entrance to 295.  The location is a long closed bank, which on the other side of it has the entrance to the Inverness Apartments.

Many think this is Westville, and its referenced several times on the internet as such… but looking at maps and the tax records this is definitely Deptford.

Checking out the new location, its amazing to me that this didn’t happen sooner as it should pick up a lot of morning commuters as its on the way to 295 North (which heads to the more populated work destinations such as Philadelphia and Cherry Hill), plus the obvious close population of the apartment complex, seems like it could be an automatic money maker.

Also surprises me that a new Wawa has not made a move in this neighborhood closer to 295.  That’s just me throwing out an idea!

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  1. I commute to Mt. Holly daily and take that same exit to get there. I have been saying what you said for years. A Super Wawa on that side of the road would rake in the dough. There is an older Wawa near there, but on the opposite side of the road where it’s difficult to get in and out of if one is driving towards that exit. Looking forward to a new DD there at least.

  2. There’s a Wawa right down the street from here! Honestly it’s a pretty sordid, trashy neighborhood so I’m not surprised that it’s just happening recently.

  3. This DD is SOOO much better than the other one that sits at Delsea and Cooper. The one at Cooper served me stale bagels on two occasions and got orders wrong also.

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