Medical/Office Buildings Coming to Fish Pond Rd and Hurffville-Crosskeys in Sewell

Foundation work has been in progress for many months at the corner of Fish Pond and Hurfville-Crosskeys Rd across from the Bloomers Garden Center in Washington Twp (Sewell).  Simply, it will be three office buildings (at least two of them partially medical based), but at this time we aren’t aware of any specific tenants.  This 4 acre property has been getting a lot of attention from area residents as I’ve received several messages asking about it, and I’ve seen it asked about in Township Facebook groups.

The company developing the property is Fish Pond Equities, which has an address matching that of Interstate Commercial in Mt Laurel.  The 2018 Washington Twp Final approval indicates

  • Three Buildings
    • 10,000 sq ft Medical/Office Building
    • 10,000 sq ft Office Building
    • 15,000 sq ft Medical/Office Building

The Loopnet real estate listing provides a siteplan depiction of the buildings and parking.  The mostly square lot, if you could envision it cut into 4 squares, the two 10,000 sq ft buildings would be along Hurfville-Crosskeys Road, the 15,000 sq ft building would be behind them but alongside Fishpond Rd, and the back corner of the lot, furthest from the intersection, appears to be a water retention basin.

When we learn more about who is moving in to the buildings, we’ll share!  If you are interested in leasing space in the new buildings, reach out to Dan Silvestri who is listed in the loopnet advertisement.


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  1. Do you know of any plans to widen that length of Hurffville—Cross Keys Road between Fries Mill Road and the high school? It could really use being two lanes on both sides not just one, and for the most part the right-of-way is already there.

  2. Just curious any updates on progress on the 42/295//76 direct connection or the missing moves projects as it looks like progress has slowed down and not as much activity lately

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