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Tacconelli’s Pizzeria Is Open In Haddon Twp. We Go Inside!

Tacconelli’s Pizzeria Is Open In Haddon Twp.  We Go Inside!
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Tacconelli’s Pizzeria opened today in Haddon Township (Westmont) NJ on Haddon Ave, in what is essentially a full new build restaurant. 

I mean technically it is an existing building but I’ve been stopping there for the last year checking on construction progress, and they took this place down to just a few standing walls and rebuilt the entire restaurant building back up!

Tacconelli’s Pizzeria opened today in Haddon Township NJ. Basically all new construction to showcase their amazing pizza. They feomt windows roll up in warm weather!.

But the beautiful new building is not the only thing that makes this a big deal.

Their first location in Maple Shade is considered by many as one of South Jersey’s top pizzerias.

In fact back in 2019 New Jersey Monthly Magazine featured the Maple Shade location of Tacconelli’s and noted that on a Friday night by 6:15pm you’ll find 35 plus people waiting for a table.

And it’s worth the wait.

Family recipe dough for a thin and crispy “no-flop” pizza awaits you at Tacconelli’s Pizzeria in Haddon Twp NJ

Their recipe creates a crispy thin crust pizza which offers that “no flop” experience!

And all of their pasta is made fresh right in the restaurant.

I unfortunately was not able to attend their preview dinner earlier this week, but I was able to stop in today about an hour before their first official opening!

To my surprise as soon as I walked in I crossed paths with a younger (than me!) gentleman moving very fast through the restaurant with power drill in hand…  this was owner Vince Jr!

The family operates a location in Maple Shade which Vince Sr will continue to operate, and the new Haddon Township location will be 100% Vince Jr and his wife Jessica.

Vince Jr and wife Jessica have opened up Tacconelli’s Pizzeria in Haddon Township NJ.

Now before you hop in your car and drive over to Westmont to try out this new pizza restaurant, their Facebook page is announcing that they’ve already filled up reservations for the opening weekend and are now taking reservations for next week!

And keep in mind that they operate cash only.

So yes, I was in the restaurant today and I got to see its amazing design and décor, along with it’s incredible open kitchen design with three large ovens… but I did not get a chance to try the food yet!

Which simply means one of my upcoming food experience videos will be from Tacconelli’s new location in Westmont.

I really would like to thank Vince Jr for spending several minutes with me as he was working to put some additional final touches into the restaurant… just an hour before they opened for the very first time.

He provided me with some photos that they had captured from working in the kitchen and allowed me to take a few photos inside the restaurant.

Now when it came time for me to ask him a few questions, we tried… but I think neither of us had our brains in the right place to dig in deep into an interview when their first paying customers were showing up in an hour.

Vince asked me to reach out again on Monday but I wanted to get something online. But I am coming back Vince for a video or Facebook livestream!

An amazing Haddon Ave transformation. From older retail store to new and modern restaurant. Tacconelli’s Pizzeria Haddon Township

Tacconelli’s Pizzeria – Haddon Township

The inside design of the Haddon Township location is open and bright with big front garage door style  windows that let in a lot of sunshine.

When the weather is warmer they will be able to roll open those front windows, and literally the entire front of the restaurant will be open to the bustling Haddon Ave Street.

Just like a pizza shop in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia (where the families baking and tomato pie experience starts).

A beautiful interior to showcase delicious pizza, pasta and more. Tacconelli’s Pizzeria Haddon Township NJ

And they carry the modern urban style throughout the space, with the walls covered in an exposed light brick façade.

The flooring is a really beautiful design that at one level it’s absolutely a pattern but then also just feels like it has an interesting randomness to it depending on the angle of how you look at it.

The cushioned seats around much of the room’s perimeter are a copper color, and the main seats are a brushed metal book.

So with the wooden tables in between them it just really works well together and accents each other perfectly.

And in the front entrance area is a prominently placed sign from David Wilson’s Men Shop who occupied a portion of the same space for decades.

Two massive pizza ovens at the new Tacconelli’s Pizzeria are going to move a lot of crispy thin pizza! Haddon Township NJ

As mentioned the kitchen is open and it takes up most of the back wall area.

Probably the most striking aspect about the new restaurant are the two front massive ovens. They are really going to be able to get a lot of pizzas out of that kitchen!

There’s even a third oven in the back of the kitchen which they can use for other types of entrees such as pasta dishes.

I’m gonna take a guess that the seating is probably around 50 people once you factor in the size of the kitchen and the entrance foyer area. And I bet for at least the next few weeks (months) they could probably fill 5 times as many seats if they had them!

The third oven in the back of the kitchen is for pasta dishes and other specialties. Taconelli’s Pizza Haddon Township

Tacconelli’s Pizzeria – Menu

As you would expect, first and foremost they are a pizza restaraunt making amazing delicious crispy pizzas.

The pizza dough is a family recipe and really sets the stage for an amazing pizza with all fresh ingredients. Mr Pizza himseld Dave Portnoy would be very happy with a Tacconelli’s pizza slice

Tacconelli’s offer pizza varieties from classic red pie, to a white pie, 12 formaggio red (which includes mozzarella, provolone and assaggio cheese), a Buffalo chicken option and about another half dozen choices.

Vince Sr and Vince Jr making pizza’s together. Today the Haddon Twp location of Toccanelli’s Pizza opened .

They have a variety of salads to choose from including Greek, Caesar, house and wedge.

And the selection of pasta dishes including gnocchi, rigatoni, bucatini and more.  Did I mention the pasta is all made in the restaurant?!

And I’ll say this again, I will be back very soon to try out the pizza and pasta… and I’ll have the video online!

Vince Jr and his team working the kitchen at Tacconelli’s Pizzeria. Today the Haddon Twp NJ location opened.

Links and Location


Tacconelli’s Pizzeria – Haddon Township
164 Haddon Ave
Haddon Township  NJ 08108

WED – THURS: 4PM – 9:30PM
SUN: 3PM – 8:30PM

Tacconelli’s Pizzeria – Maple Shade
27 W Main Street
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

WED – THURS: 4PM – 9:30PM
FRI LUNCH: 11:30AM – 2PM
SUN” 3PM – 8:30PM