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Mulligan’s Oaklyn Expansion Opened Last Month! We Visited Yesterday

Mulligan’s Oaklyn Expansion Opened Last Month!  We Visited Yesterday
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Mulligan’s Bar & Grill in Oaklyn NJ recently completed their large expansion, which more than doubles the size of the well loved establishment which many consider as having one of the most innovative bar restaurant menus in the area.

The Mulligan’s expansion is a huge square room with large center bar that still leaves plenty of room for additional seating in the new space. There is a also a large outdoor patio area with a gas firepit, and access to the bar is supported with large all glass folding doors!

Oh and the parking lot was completely redone.. expanded and paved!

Mulligan’s Oaklyn new restaurant expansion. This bar is only half of the new room!

And the original Mulligan’s bar and restaurant area? Well it’s still there, with a new floor and some other changes. Even the original bar is still there.

So new Mulligan’s is like two bars in one… a cozier and quieter more rustic experience in the original bar area, or a brighter and more modern experience in the new section.

I actually stopped in twice this past Sunday! I had to drop my wife off at a paint-n-sip event nearby and I stopped in to check out the new Mulligan’s. I had a chance to chat with owner Jim for a bit… he and the family are incredibly happy that they are finally open.

Jim and I go back about a dozen years or so, both from just my visits in the bar, and… have I mentioned I was a singer in a cover band or three and we played Mulligan’s/Merryfields a few times a year? Ha!

I have this knack for talking to bar owners. That “living vicariously” thing. And every time I see Jim we end up chatting for a bit. I stayed for one beer in this first stop and then went around the area to check out a few other stories.

So after I picked up my wife we stopped back at Mulligan’s for dinner, and as luck would have it the two remaining seats the bar were right next to Jim again. The guy can’t shake me!

Well keep scrolling to read and see more about the new Mulligan’s, and if you’ve never eaten at Mulligan’s you have to hear about the menu and prices! I HAD LOBSTER!

Mulligan’s Oaklyn new patio area, on a warmer day. Mulligan’s Provided

Mulligan’s Bar & Grill Expansion

This project has been a long time coming, and yes obviously Covid had a big impact on the construction progress.

Back in February 2019 our sister site (now folded into 42Freeway) posted about the start of the construction progress.

Well actually at that time the start of construction progress was more about the demolition of an a building that sat on the corner. To make room for the large Mulligan’s expansion, they had to buy out the neighboring building (Camden Bar & Restaurant Supply was the prior tenant) and demolish the building.

We also shared the plans for the new building, which Mulligan’s had proudly displayed on the walls of the original bar.

Think about that… was almost 2 years ago, not to mention the time it took ahead of that to design and get approvals for the project.

Like I said, it took a long time!

The new bar is rectangular and can probably seat 35 or more people. Don’t forget they still have the original bar in the other room which probably has room for 25 or more!

Mulligan’s Oaklyn Expansion is complete! This image courtesy of Mulligan’s

As we mentioned earlier, this new room is open and bright, with higher ceilings.

There are large windows in the front, and on the side are two very large glass folding door sections which lead out to a patio area.

The glass folding doors have 11 sections, each about the size of a door. When the weather gets nice, Mulligan’s really will be able to let the outside in.

The new edition is surrounded by big screen TVs. Both on the outer perimeter and also in the center ceiling console area.

From the outside the place looks big… but it’s really impressive to enter in and honestly it’s larger on the inside.

Normally in a bar space like this they add a big room and the bar itself takes up most of the space.

At Mulligan’s in Oaklyn, the bar area is less than half of the room. Maybe a third.

I said this addition was large!

There is PLENTY of space around the bar to move around without bumping into people, plus numerous tables in the front, back and sides.

The area between the new bar and where it connects to the original building is loaded with tables and it feels like an entire ‘nutha bar could fit in there (I only say that to give an idea of size)

Looking at you through the glass… don’t know how much time has passed.

The style of the new room is a rustic modern look. Woodgrain floors and tables. The bar front is a light stone trimmed in a light wood. The wall columns spaced around the room are 2/3 stone covered, with lighting sconces on top.

The Mulligan’s even had enough space to build out TWO foyer areas (front and back), with wait seating in the foyers.

The outdoor patio on the side is a large size also, and as we mentioned more than once it can be opened up to the inside bar area. At the time of our visit the chairs and tables were covered (it is December after all!)

And in the patio area was clearly a large gas firepit, but it was also closed up for the winter season.

Original Bar Area

The original Mulligan’s bar and restaurant area is still there and mostly untouched!

Well in the back the small serving bar the large TV in the back corner are gone.

A new wood floor is in place. And things have been freshened up.

But it’s mostly the same classic Mulligan’s style.

I visited the classic bar with some friends much earlier in the year and it was packed, and seating was tough to navigate. Now the classic Mulligan’s bar area seems much more roomier… well because they have so much new seating in the expansion area.

When I stopped in at 3pm the classic Mulligan’s bar wasnt open yet, but later in the night when we returned that bar and seating was open and filling up!

It really is like two bar experiences in one!

The “Classic” Mulligan’s Restaurant and Bar!

Mulligan’s Menu

Jim and Lori Mulligan own the bar and building, but the kitchen is entirely in the hands of chef Frank Hare.

When I chatted with Jim he told me that Frank has been managing the kitchen for over 25 years, and it’s a success that he doesn’t want to change.

Sure they have burgers, wings and cheesesteaks. And don’t get me wrong… they are amazing.

But the real story is the innovative, fresh and high quality full restaurant experience that chef Hare offers to Mulligan’s customers.

And at a really fair “is this correct” price!

The chef, Frank Hare, goes to Philadelphia markets every morning to hand-select the seafood.

“Everything is made to order,” Mulligan said. Everything from seafood pasta to oysters and clams on the half-shell to mussels and bacon-wrapped sea scallops. In addition to the regular menu, Mulligan’s also offers daily specials.

Courier Post Article, Feb 2 2016
Yes I sat at the new bar at Mulligan’s… in Oaklyn… and ate this!
New England Sautéed Lobster, Scallops, Jumbo Lump Crab and Crabmeat in Garlic White Wine Sauce Served Over Pasta.

They have a printed menu of the regular offerings, but the gold is in the daily specials menu which can feature dozens of innovative items.

Not too long ago that daily menu was written in cursive handwriting and made into all-too-light copies! ha. Now it’s nicely typed up and printed.

And if you’re like me this past Sunday, you’ll be staring at it a long time… not because you can’t see it… but because you’ll be amazed at the what is offered.

The menu leans towards Italian food and seafood. A lot of seafood.

So it’s December. It’s cold. And the daily special menu entree section had over 15 items with seafood.

Lobster, scallops, crab, shrimp. In a variety of preparations.

Seafood Leon Lobster. Seafood Fradiavlo. Jersey Shore (seafood boil?)

And everything is priced really really well.

Roast Beef Sandwich: Mulligan’s Oaklyn. This was $7.75 with the fries!

Well I’ve included a photo and you can see for yourself.

So my wife and I went two different directions, just so that we can give you a variety.

She chose a classic roast beef sandwich with long hots. Freshly sliced roast beef in a healthy portion, soft roll and tasty au jus. Delicious.

I went fancy-man.

Started off with the French Onion Soup and it really was one of the best I’ve had.

French Onion Soup: Mulligan’s Oaklyn

My entree…..?

New England Sautéed Lobster, Scallops, Jumbo Lump Crab and Crabmeat in Garlic White Wine Sauce Served Over Pasta.

Did you get all that? Like.. most of the items in the daily special entree menu are a mile long. I don’t know how the servers write down these orders.

And look at this photo. This is MY order. I took this on MY phone. At a bar in Oaklyn. It just doesn’t make sense, right?

There is an unwritten rule “never order steak in a bar”. Well I am telling you right now.. you can order a steak at Mulligan’s. And lobster. And scallops. And the Berkshire Pork Chops… the #1 pork in the world!

Dammit. Now I want to go back for more.

Links and Location

1208 White Horse Pike
Oaklyn, NJ 08017




42Freeway’s Mark rocking it out at Mulligan’s in 2012! And they were dancin’ and singin’…