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McDonald’s Westmont Reopens This Week After Complete Rebuild

McDonald’s Westmont Reopens This Week After Complete Rebuild
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McDonald’s restaurants across the country have been refreshing their store presence, with extensive remodeling, or as the case with the Westmont NJ location on Cuthbert… a full new building.  This week the Westmont location reopened, and in our Sunday visit it seems word is already out as they were very busy.

Beyond the newness of it all, one of the most noticeable things is they size of the new restaurant… it’s small.   Easily the smallest McDonald’s I’ve ever been in,   I didn’t count seating in the main dining area but it seemed to be 2 dozen or so.  With no seating down the side.  There is also no kid’s play area.   Not to beat them up too much on size (’cause I am Mr Postitive!) but the parking lot is small also, and the right side parking area is a little tight for the drive-thru lane which can back up.

But.. it is all new and modern, and includes the in-store ordering touch screens in front of the counter.  Because of the self ordering kiosks there are only a couple cashiers setup.

Another unique change is that behind the cashiers is a wall with two menu screens… unique in that we all are used to seeing into the food prep area and watching the orders come together with our drinks and bagging, but in Westmont that area is a dark grey wall.


Overall it’s a nice modern restaurant, just a little more different than some of the other newer remodeled McDonald’s that I’ve been in.

McDonald’s Westmont
566 W Cuthbert Blvd,
Haddon Township, NJ 08108