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Mava Beauty Lounge Haddonfield Grand Opening June. European-Style Salon!

Mava Beauty Lounge Haddonfield Grand Opening June.  European-Style Salon!
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Mava Beauty Lounge in Haddonfield has announced their Grand Opening “Open House” event is set for Friday June 7th from 12pm -3pm.

They specialize in European style manicures, pedicures, and eyelash extensions… in a beautifully designed salon providing a calming experience for clients!

The location puts Mava close to downtown Haddonfield as well as Haddon Township’s popular Restaurant District. Make a fun afternoon out of your Mava Beauty Lounge visit!

What sets Mava Beauty Lounge apart from other salons is they are bringing European techniques to the area, such as a Ukrainian Manicure which is a dry manicure that emphasizes precise cuticle and nail care without water!

This gentle and effective technique extends the life of gels by minimizing growth gaps and reducing lifting.

Mava Beauty Lounge truly offers a European beauty experience, even using high-end Ukrainian tools and premium gels from the Ukraine and United Kingdom!

The location for Mava Beauty Lounge is in a walkable block of stores on Haddon Avenue which is also home to Tre Famiglia Restaurant.  Just two blocks away is PJ Whelihan’s Pub and the “Restaurant District” of Haddon Township is VERY close!

The Open House “Grand Opening” event on June 7th is scheduled for 12pm-3pm, and features the official ribbon cutting ceremony complete with drinks, desserts, special discounts and gifts.

Stop in for the event and you’ll also be able to tour Mava Beauty Lounge, learn more about their European beauty services, as well as meet the staff.

You can follow them on Instagram, and book your appointment online!

Julia Contino – Mava Beauty Lounge

Owner Julia Contino is a South Jersey resident, and a Ukrainian Licensed Esthetician in the States of New York and New Jersey, with eight years experience in the beauty industry.

“We are excited to bring Mava Beauty Lounge to the Haddonfield community. Our goal is to create a welcoming space where clients can escape the stresses of everyday life and indulge in some well-deserved pampering. We look forward to serving our clients and becoming a part of the vibrant Haddonfield community.”

Julia Contino – Owner of Mava Beauty Lounge which opens June 7th in Haddonfield

Julia felt it was important to support her South Jersey community by opening her business here, which also is a sentiment felt by husband Joey, who some may know as the writer and publisher of the Wildwood Video Archive website and YouTube channel.

When I was telling my wife about this new Mava Beauty Lounge she commented that it sounded like a pretty good afternoon to stop in for an amazing European Pedicure, then walk to Tre Famiglia next door for lunch, or a 2 minute walk to PJ Whelihan’s for a refreshing cocktail!

Hmmm…   I may have to give this a try myself! Keep scrolling and reading for more!

Mava Beauty Lounge – Haddonfield NJ

Mava Beauty Lounge derives its name from the Ukrainian folklore figure, Mavka, a symbol of youthful beauty and the essence of nature. Mavka is a spirit associated with the forest, embodying the heart and soul of the natural world. 

Mavkas are traditionally depicted as stunning young women with long, flowing hair, intimately connected to the beauty and mystique of the natural environment!

A perfect name for a European Style Beauty lounge!

As mentioned the Mava Beauty Lounge specializes in manicures, pedicures and eyelash extensions… bringing European techniques and products to Haddonfield and surrounding communities.

Mava Beauty Lounge aims to provide not just beautiful nails and lashes, but a pampering experience that leaves you relaxed, polished and refined.

The salon design is inspired by the simple beauty of nature. 

I wanted to create a place where her clients can relax and disconnect from reality.  Clients can take their time to enjoy the beauty services while indulging on delicious complimentary coffee and chocolates!

Our pedicure and eyelash beds are specifically designed to promote the most relaxing experience. You will get the best nap ever while getting your eyelashes done, I promise. 🙂

Julia Contino – Owner of Mava Beauty Lounge which opens June 7th in Haddonfield

As I mentioned in the intro, one of Mava Beauty Lounge’s top specialties is the Ukrainian manicure, which with its dry manicure technique and specialized quality tools and products ensures the manicure not only looks stunning, but also fosters healthy strong nails.

Julia says their eyelash services are all custom tailored to each person’s taste and look.   They create eyelash fans by hand, at the time of your appointment!

All the eyelash products are high quality from Europe, ensuring a long lasting hold.

She says these types of services and the quality of product are things that set her apart.

The combination of a beautiful relaxing lounge space, and unique European techniques and high-quality products offered to Haddonfield and the surrounding communities offers a beauty experience that is likely not found in most other salons!

Links and Location

Mava Beauty Lounge
417 N Haddon Ave
Haddonfield, NJ

(551) 666-9055