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Maple Shade UNO Pizza Grill to Become TR’s Taphouse!  Uno Last Day 5/19, Short Remodel

Maple Shade UNO Pizza Grill to Become TR’s Taphouse!  Uno Last Day 5/19, Short Remodel
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Sunday May 19th is the last day for the UNO restaurant in Maple Shade.  The deep dish pizza centric restaurant will be closed for a few weeks and then reopen as TR’s Taphouse.

The digital sign along the busy Route 73 clearly announced the plans this morning, and after a loyal 42Freeway reader messaged me about it.. an hour later at the opening here I sit at the bar eating lunch, after speaking with local management.

The property is staying under the same ownership, but they have several businesses in their portfolio, and ownership has decided to try something new with the Maple Shade UNO location.

One of those other businesses for ownership are several locations of Tony Roni’s Pizza.. and the “TR” in the upcoming Maple Shade bar and restaurant derives from that.

But to be clear.. the UNO property will remain a full restaurant offering a delicious Taphouse restaurant menu from burgers and wings to amazing entrees likely to include salmon and steak. 

But the pizza will no longer be “Chicago Deep Dish”… instead moving to the Tony Roni’s pizza offerings.

Additional items likely to make the crossover to TR’s Taphouse are “REAL” Philadelphia style hoagies.  It was said to me..  “Customers will be able to order a real Italian hoagie, paired with an ice cold local craft beer!  Not many places in South Jersey offer that!”

To be clear it seems things are moving fast with the transition and I while I chatted with local management, I have not yet spoken to the owner.. so I don’t have all of the details at this time such as full menu changes and any broader remodeling efforts.

But if you’ve never visited this Rt 73 Uno it’s already an impressive restaurant setup with significant character to it. The bar and dining areas are in separated (different rooms, effectively), and then off of the bar section is a bonus large side room with multiple rollup glass garage style doors, to open up that space on nice weather.

Honestly I don’t think there is much that needs to be done to make this an awesome and more local feeling tavern.

Over the next few weeks of closure, of course the signage and branding will change.

Some kitchen upgrades will take place to support the new menu, particularly in bringing in new pizza oven equipment to support the delicious Tony Roni styles of pizza.

It is expected that staff will remain when they reopen, but additional hiring and training will take place during the short shutdown.

The same owner also owns the Deptford UNO’s location, but at this time has no immediate plans to change the brand at that location.

Links and Locations

UNO Pizza and Grill Maple Shade – Becoming TR’s Taphouse (Soon)
2803 S. Route 73
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

UNO Website