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Maple Shade Charlie Brown’s Demolished. Magic of Volcano Hibachi Planned

Maple Shade Charlie Brown’s Demolished.  Magic of Volcano Hibachi Planned
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On Tuesday (12/23/2020) the demolition crews made quick work of the Charlie Brown’s restaurant building on Main Street in Maple Shade.

A new hibachi restaurant is planned for the site, specifically the same folks who in Berlin own Magic of Volcano Hibachi (Volcano Steak & Sushi).

Magic of the Volcano representatives appeared before the Maple Shade Planning Board in February of 2020, looking for approval to build the new restaurant, with apartments.  The current Charlie Brown’s building also included apartments.

The all new construction building will move the entrance to Spruce Street, and will actually cover slightly less of square footage of the property.

If you aren’t familiar with hibachi restaurants, they feature Asian dishes cooked right in from the guests who sit around a U-shaped seating area with a VERY HOT center metal top surface.

The chef stands so that all of the patrons are facing them, and prepares multiple courses of the meal, in a manner that is as much entertaining as it is delicious!

We expect that sushi will be part of the food options.

Plus! The new Maple Shade Magic of Volcano will feature a full liquor/bar offering!

Apartments Also!

The plan includes 4 apartment, 2 larger three bedroom apartments with 2 bathrooms, and 2 smaller two bedroom, 2 bath apartments.  The entrance for the apartments will be on Main St.

It seems the only variance needed was for signage!

The plan was approved in the February meeting.

Magic Of Volcano / Volcano Steak & Sushi

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