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Mango Mango Dessert is Open in Cherry Hill. Experience Photo Tour!

Mango Mango Dessert is Open in Cherry Hill.  Experience Photo Tour!
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Mango Mango is a beautiful new and delicious dessert shop which opened last month on Route 70 in Cherry Hill. We stopped in this week to check out the place for readers, and to try one of their amazing desserts.

It’s a rough job, but someone has to do it! 🙂

And yes… Mango Mango really is all about deliciously fresh and sweet mangos… but so much more!

Mango Mango is Open in Cherry Hill NJ on Route 70!

More specifically on the location, they are on the West-bound side of Rt 70 at the corner where Cooper Landing Road intersects. The building is a former classic Wawa. The Locustwood Memorial Park (cemetery) is across Cooper Landing from them.

Parking for the Mango Mango Cherry Hill location is directly in front and on the right side.

Scroll down for photos and commentary but don’t forget to like their Facebook Page

And a big shout-out to Marilyn at South Jersey Food Scene for her article on their opening, which brought this to our attention.

Mango Mango – From New York’s Chinatown to Cherry Hill NJ

As mentioned, Mango Mango is a dessert restaurant where the star of the show is… deliciously fresh mangos! Ta-dah!

Their main website gives the history of how they began in New York’s Chinatown.

Inspired by the culinary innovations of the city and New York’s Chinatown, they wanted to create a dessert option which has that same innovative style and deliciousness .

Mango Mango Classic Dessert of Strawberry Mango Juice Sago & Lychee Jelly w Mango Ice Cream!

And Mango Mango puts as much thought into the store design and customer comfort as they do into the desserts, making each location a comfortable and eye-pleasing place to relax and hang out!

As mentioned, the Cherry Hill location is within a portion of a former classic Wawa building… but honestly when you are inside the restaurant you would never know it!

Every facet of the experience has been thought through to be innovative and pleasing to the body, mind and taste buds!

A calm and inviting interior at Mango Mango Cherry Hill!

Today Mango Mango has over 30 locations, and are expanding rapidly via a franchise model.

Close by there are two locations in Philadelphia. One in Chinatown on Cherry Street, and another on Bustleton Ave.

Delicious Desserts

You get a Mango! You get a Mango!

Yes Mangos are the star of the show, but it takes more than deliciously sweet fruit to make up almost 50 dessert varieties… plus there is another side to the menu filled with deliciousness!

Dessert Options. 50? 60? Or is it more? The other side has drinks and hot dessert options! Mango Mango Cherry Hill

The recipe options include delicious ice creams, waffles, crepes, cakes, a variety of fresh fruit and more!

Hot desserts are available with a variety of soups with mochi and rice balls.

They even offer a smoothie and tea drink menu!

Mark from 42Freeway ordered from the “Classic Desserts” section and tried “Strawberry Mango Juice Sago & Lychee Jelly w Mango Ice Cream”

That option came in at $8.45 which I felt was a reasonable price considering the ingredients and taste.

Most of the Classic Desserts are under $8.

I’m not even sure what everything was in my dessert.. I only know it was delicious and I want more! Mango Mango Cherry Hill

My server was very helpful and friendly and she recommended 2 choices for me.. .the one I ate, and also a crepe based dessert.

Honestly after trying the mango ice cream based dessert, I now cant wait to go back and try the Mango Pancake!

Links and Location

Mango Mango Cherry Hill – Now Open!
1030 Marlton Pike W,
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Cherry Hill location Facebook. Go Like!

Main Website

Also if on Facebook, please join our South Jersey Fun and Food group!

yeah… it was that good.