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Insomnia Cookies Cherry Hill Under Development – Now Hiring

Insomnia Cookies Cherry Hill Under Development – Now Hiring
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Over 20 years ago Insomnia Cookies was started in Philadelphia and likely was an early catalyst for the premium cookie frenzy sweeping through the United States. Now they finally have a location coming to South Jersey, to be located on Haddonfield Road in Cherry Hill.

While for South Jersey residents Insomnia Cookies may seem like a new player in the booming premium fresh baked cookie arena, they trace their start back to 2003 at Philadelphia’s University of Pennsylvania.

Today they have over 265 locations and have entered into a big growth push.

The initial report of this South Jersey location goes back to the sweet day of February 14th this year, when a View from Evesham first discovered plans for the Cherry Hill location and shared the news on their Facebook page. (Facebook Link)

A very unique twist for the Philadelphia Headquartered cookie baker is they have late hours for their retail and delivery… in some locations as late as 3:00 AM!

Images: Insomnia Cookies Media Kit

The reason for that interesting business model is Insomnia Cookies originally derived from the classic university student experience of studying late into night or even just playing video games all night, and a hungry student wanting a fresh, hot and delicious snack.  

Even in a big city University, fresh snack options were limited at 2am so Insomnia Cookie was born!

The brand has expanded beyond the core cookie menu and also offers ice cream.  If you put the two together you end up with a fresh and delicious ice cream cookie sandwich!

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The upcoming Cherry Hill location will be located in a former Fast Signs unit, which is next to the First Watch brunch restaurant… directly across Wegmans in the popular Garden State Park retail center. Brunchaholics is also close by.

I stopped over at the location last week to see that construction is fully underway, and they have “Coming Soon” signage displayed on the exterior windows.

Online they have entered into hiring mode for the new warm cookie location, with positions currently listed for Cookie Delivery Driver, Cookie Crew, Shift Leader and Store Manager In-Training.

They’ve even created the Cherry Hill location page at the Insomnia website.

So while an estimated opening date is unknown at this time, it feels like it can’t be too far off and likely would be sometime this summer

Images: Insomnia Cookies Media Kit

Insomnia Cookies – Cherry Hill

South Jersey has seen a recent expansion in the premium cookie space with the opening of several Crumbl Cookie locations, as well as Crave Cookies… both companies started in Utah.

But almost 15 years before that first Utah cookie was baked, in 2003 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Insomnia Cookies was founded.

Penn Student Seth Berkowitz frequently found himself up late into the evening like many college students do and was growing tired of his (very) late night snack craving options.

What he really wanted was a freshly baked, hot cookie… just like he would get back home with mom.

This lead to an idea  for a cookie bakery focused business which initially focused on university markets. The demographics were a match and the density of student customers allowed Insomnia to offer a very unique feature… hours that extended until 3:00 AM and included delivery!

While the cookies are available throughout the day, that unique late night aspect and a premium quality freshly baked cookie made them a very popular snack option at universities around the country.

Insomnia cookies has enjoyed consistent success and growth and in 2018 Krispy Kreme took a large ownership stake in the Insomnia Cookies brand.

It seems the growing competition in the cookie space has not gone unnoticed at Insomnia Cookies as recently they have significantly ramped up the number of store openings.   They now report over 265 locations, and this year alone they expect to open over 70 new cookie bakeries!

With an initial start over 20 years ago in Philadelphia, earlier this year the company opened their new headquarters in Center City Philadelphia on Broad and Chestnut, which also includes their flagship store, which is also the largest in the company. (Philly Voice)

With the headquarters being only a few miles away from Cherry Hill it is interesting that they’ve waited all this time to open up in South Jersey.

But again I think a part of that delay is that they initially focused on universities and more urban environments where the density of the population was greater, so that they could offer quick deliveries and have a clientele interested in a 3:00 AM closing.

For the upcoming suburban Cherry Hill location they already have a location page on the website, but it offers slightly adjusted hours for that location (although these are not confirmed).

They currently list a weekday closing time of midnight(12am) and a Friday Saturday closing of 1:00 AM.

And yes Cherry Hill will offer delivery via an Insomnia Cookies employed delivery driver.

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Insomnia Cookies – Cherry Hill Coming Soon
1006 Haddonfield Rd
Cherry Hill, NJ, 08002

Insomnia Cookies – Corp