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Haddon Township Burger Wars! Burger King Taking Shape in Former Wendy’s, Next To McDonald’s

Haddon Township Burger Wars!  Burger King Taking Shape in Former Wendy’s, Next To McDonald’s
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A Burger King restaurant is taking shape in Haddon Township New Jersey, replacing a former Wendy’s restaurant on Cuthbert Boulevard.  Immediately next to the new Burger King is a long-standing (and recently rebuilt) McDonald’s.

It reads like a video game… Burger Wars!  The battle of the burgers is taking place on Cuthbert Boulevard in Haddon Township!  Long-Standing champion McDonald’s reigns supreme over Newton Lake Park, having previously defeated challenger Wendy’s.  Now an even bigger force enters the arena… Burger King!  Who will rule the burger land?  Or is there room for both?!

But seriously… construction is moving apiece at the former Wendy’s location, which opened originally back in 1977!  Last year we see the Courier-Post had the story about the Wendy’s closing, but I didn’t see any of the news or blogger outlets cover… “what is coming in?”

Amazing how fast this one moved.  It was just 18 months ago that Wendy’s surprisingly closed.

Then over this summer, the property owners moved their Burger King plans quickly through Haddon Township Planning Board approval…  since they are maintaining the core footprint of the old Wendy’s, the requested variances were minor (signage).

And almost immediately after getting the approvals, they went to work on the conversion.  When we visited the location about 2 weeks ago they had stripped the old Wendy’s store façade away, and had already started adding the exterior BK walls to give the building it’s modern Burger King shape!

This all shows incredible confidence in the location, given the crazy 2020 year we’ve been having and its impacts on retail and restaurants!

The new restaurant isn’t even open yet, and there is already a commercial listing offering the property for sale at $3.1 Million!

Don’t be alarmed!   This is the new (increased) business plan of building out the retail establishment, selling the developed property to investors, and then the restaurant operators lease the property back.

This can allow the restaurant operators to get the building developed, and then pull their cash back out.  For the investors, they have a locked in lease in a great tenant.

Even Wawa is doing this with their new stores!

We are far from experts on the details on how this works.. and it really isn’t a factor to how tasty the burgers are… but it does seem that the images they offer in the listing are a fair representation of what is being added to Cuthbert Boulevard!

Construction continues at this time, and we are not clear yet of when they expect to open.  More to come!

Burger King
568 W Cuthbert Blvd
Haddon Township NJ