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Five-Story Collingswood Self Storage Facility Under Development at the “Circle” Near Rt 130.

Five-Story Collingswood Self Storage Facility Under Development at the “Circle” Near Rt 130.
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A five-story climate controlled self storage facility is under construction in Collingswood, in the area of the former Collingswood Circle. The property sits a block back off of Rt 130 on the Woodlynne side, between Aldi and the Collingswood Diner.

While the actual address is listed as 40 White Horse Pike, the two acre parcel of land mostly runs along Woodlynne Ave. Because it sits along a County maintained road, they also required Camden County approval.

Most believe this area is Woodlynne or Camden, but it’s officially Collingswood.

The Collingswood Veterinary Hospital previously had a small building on the property along Woodlynne Ave, but that was demolished to make way for the storage facility.

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Facility renderings found online at the developer’s website show the building to be an attractive modern design, as storage facilities go.

While the planning board documents do not list the storage facility brand, that same developer images shows the well known “Public Storage” brand signage on the building.

Currently the tall stairwell and elevator towers are clearly visible from Route 130, and soon the developers will start building out the individual floors.

The project is being developed by Highland Development Ventures LLC who are located in New York State. They appear to have a lot of experience in developing storage facilities.

General placement of an under-development new storage facility in Collingswood NJ. Located near the Collingswood Diner and Aldi Grocery along Route 130

Storage Facility Details

The developers appeared before the Collingswood Planning Board back on March 22, 2021 and gained an approval 6-1.

They were also approved with Camden County 2 months later, in May 2021.

The building is listed at 131,595 square feet, and as mentioned it will have 5 stories total, and will be fully climate controlled.

There will be 926 separate storage units, the largest being 300 square feet, and will be on the ground floor.

The main access into the property will be from the White Horse Pike (behind Aldi).

The developer’s site plan for the new Collingswood storage facility shows an innovated drive up unloading/loading area.

The design of the building provides a unique drive-thru enclosure which runs along Woodlynne Ave… and will then have a second exit-only onto Woodlynne (and onto Rt 130).

The total lot coverage will be 45%, and stormwater management meets NJDEP rules.

View from above the new Collingswood Storage facility (bottom) looking back towards Rt 130. The building in the center of the image is the Collingswood diner, and Teamsters 676 is the upper left building.

The developer states the building will be an upscale and state-of-the-art facility. I’ll admit the image shown at the site looks pretty good!

Due to the nature of the business it is expected the facility will not generate much traffic as customers infrequently make trips to their storage units.

Storage facilities require few employees, and in the case of the Collingswood facility they will only need two employees.

Due to these factors they only require 11 parking spaces.

A new storage facility is coming to Collingswood NJ close to Rt 130

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