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Crumbl Cookies Mount Laurel Expected Later This Year

Crumbl Cookies Mount Laurel Expected Later This Year
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Crumbl Cookies Mount Laurel will continue the popular franchise bakery’s South Jersey expansion, with plans for a new location in the Centerton Square Shopping center (area of Rt 38 and 295).

Just last summer Crumbl entered the South Jersey market with a location in Cherry Hill. Their second area store opens next week in Turnersville.

Crumbl Cookies Cherry Hill NJ
Crumbl Cookies is coming to Mount Laurel NJ! Open in Cherry Hill, and Turnersville opens late March 2023.

Crumbl Cookies is a rapidly growing premium cookie bakery/brand which has a following which can only be described as “fanatical”.

The cookies are larger and thicker than what most consider to be a traditional cookie, and they have hundreds of creative recipes in their repertoire.

A new Crumbl Cookies is coming to Mount Laurel NJ’s Centerton Square Shopping Center! (Map Image: Google Maps)

But they have an innovative marketing plan to drive customers back to their stores again and again… they only offer 6 flavors each week, changing the menu every Monday morning.

For their customers, this creates an expectation of “Oh that looks amazing, I better run over this week and get that cookie, because it’ll be gone next week!”

They’ve also received a big push from social media influencers, who spread the word of each week’s varieties.

More on that in a few! Keep reading!

Jericho and Emily Pacho are the owners of the upcoming Mount Laurel Crumbl location! They also own the Crumbl in Princeton, as well as the Turnersville location which opens March 24th!! They are South Jersey residents… a local family working hard to make their dreams come true!

Crumbl Cookies Mount Laurel

The new Mount Laurel location will be the third franchise location for husband and wife owners, Jericho and Emily. They also own the Crumbl in Princeton as well as the upcoming Turnersville store.

Last week I spoke to Jericho about their Turnersville store (which opens March 24th), and he shared with me the news of their plans for the Mount Laurel location.

The new Crumbl will open in a unit which most recently was home to C2 Education… which is located in the center of the middle building (which has Panera Bread on the left end).

Crumbl Cookies Mount Laurel is planned for the center of the Centerton Square Shopping Center!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Centerton Square shopping center by name, it is the large complex off of Route 38 and Route 295, and is also home to Wegman’s, Costco, and Topgolf.

Also planned for the shopping center is a Bath and Body Works, and Tommy’s Tavern + Tap which is being constructed at the site of the TGI Friday’s property.

While we don’t have a date for the Mount Laurel Crumbl opening, I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say that considering it’s March now, I would think they would be open during the 2023 calendar year.

Located off of Route 38 at Route 295, the popular Centerton Square shopping center will soon include a Crumbl Cookies (Map Image: Google Maps)

Crumbl Cookies – What Are They All About?

I’ve written several articles about Crumbl stores in South Jersey with multiple articles on the Cherry Hill and Turnersville locations.

But considering this is the first time anyone is reporting on the Mount Laurel location… well let’s run down this again!

As mentioned in the intro, Crumbl Cookies is a wildly successful cookie bakery franchise which uses a unique marketing model, boosted by a strong social media presence and following.

They are able to create a constant strong rush of customers to the store each week, eager to buy the latest cookie flavors.

Crumbl Cookies: Open in Cherry Hill, Coming Soon to Turnersville
Crumbl Cookies: Open in Cherry Hill, Coming Soon to Turnersville and Mount Laurel

And of course at the heart of the business model is… they make an amazing cookie!

They are much larger and thicker than “traditional” cookies, and the flavor varieties typically include innovative toppings.

But the spark that really gets the fire going under the customers is, while they have almost 200 recipes in the vault… they limit their weekly menu to just six varieties each week. And one of them is always the classic chocolate chip!

Crumbl will make their weekly announcement on Sunday, and at 8:00 AM Monday morning their customers are in early to pick-up one or more of the delicious flavors.

But the customers aren’t the only ones watching!

Social media food influencers (particularly on Tik-Tok) are also watching, and are the first ones in the store Monday morning to buy one of each variety.

Then they head right to their cars to create their cookie review videos, while sitting in the driver’s seat.

It sounds crazy but these videos can pull in multiple hundreds of thousands of views, all in the same prime demographic of a Crumbl customer!

Crumbl Cookies Cherry Hill NJ… opening March 2023 in Turnersville and later this year in Mount Laurel!

So for the customers, there is likely at least one cookie flavor that week which sounds so awesome you just have to try it! And if you don’t head to the store that week to buy it, it could be months before it rolls around again!

It also seems that Crumbl is not just a fad.

The Cherry Hill store opened over six months ago, and I stopped in last week to find they had over a dozen employees making cookies at 9:00 AM in the morning.

They aren’t big stores, so the location looked like it was close to maximum baker capacity.

Simply, even many months after opening, the demand is still so strong for the cookies in Cherry Hill that they had over a dozen employees working the morning time slot. Just to make enough cookies to sell through the core hours of the day!

Crumbl Cookies – 1 to 600 Locations in 6 Years

This feeling of “get them now before they are gone”, as well as that strong push by social media influencers, has enabled the chain to grow from one location 6 years ago… to over 600 locations today!

No that is not a typo.

In 2017, Crumbl Cookies was started by a Utah University College student who had just one recipe, for chocolate chip cookies.

Crumbl Cookies Cherry Hill NJ
Crumbl Cookies Cherry Hill NJ

He did very well with his simple formula, and quickly took on his cousin as a partner. Together they quickly grew the business by offering an excellent product, a great marketing idea, and catching the growth wave of TikTok.

We’ll have more on Crumbl Cookies Mount Laurel as the approach their opening date.

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