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Crumbl Cookies is OPEN in Cherry Hill. We Visited. Grand Opening Events Friday and Saturday.

Crumbl Cookies is OPEN in Cherry Hill.  We Visited.  Grand Opening Events Friday and Saturday.
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The long awaited Crumbl Cookies opened today in Cherry Hill, and 42Freeway stopped in today to check them out!

Crumbl Cookies is the fastest growing cookie franchise in the Country, gaining explosive growth via effective social media marketing, regular new flavor introductions… and of course a delicious product.

Today is an unannounced “soft opening” day for Cherry Hill so that workers could get familiar with all of the systems and baking process. This weekend (Friday & Saturday) they jump right into a Grand Opening celebration!

Workers get familiar with all of the new systems at Crumbl Cherry Hill. They opened today for their “soft opening” ahead of Friday’s Grand Opening!

The new location is in the large Garden State Park shopping plaza on Route 70. Crumbl is in the area of the new Costco, in a newer section of the complex which is home to Duluth Trading, and soon will be the new location of Petco.

The Cherry Hill location is owned by a Central New Jersey couple, Karen and Darrell Doucette. They have three children. While Crumbls is quickly becoming a big deal, the Doucette’s are promising a family operated experience for their customers.

Facebook Event for Weekend Grand Opening

UPDATE: Crumbl is coming to Turnersville (Washington Township) NJ also! Read about it here!

Crumbl Cookies – Rotating Menu Brings You Back For More

Crumbl Cookies was founded just FIVE years ago in Utah and already they have over 475 retail stores across every State in the USA. Consider that 2 of those 5 years was during a global pandemic… they are really a “hot” cookie franchise!

Founded by two cousins while one was attending Utah State University, originally they only offered a chocolate chip cookie.

Strawberry Ice Cream Bar: A strawberry-and-vanilla cookie layered with whipped vanilla buttercream and a sweet sprinkle of vanilla strawberry streusel. 42Freeway picked this up today at the new Crumbl Cherry Hill location!

The menu expanded to a variety of flavors. According to a Good Morning America episode last year they now have over 170 varieties of cookies!

BUT… there is an very interesting twist to the Crumbl cookie menu!

They only have 6 cookie flavors available each week, and rotate the choices each week. Only the original chocolate chip cookie is a consistent option!

Plus they regularly introduce new flavors which they promote on social media such as TikTok.

A rotating menu of 5-6 cookies and regular new flavors makes Crumbl Cookies a place you have to visit again and again!

So if you have a favorite choice you just may have to return week after week until its available again… which I am sure is part of the Crumbl plan!

Crumbl’s growth is attributed to effective use of TikTok and influencers, as well as the regular introduction of new flavors which turns things into “Oh I have to try that!”. Customers wait for the Sunday night new flavor introductions and then numerous Tik Tok influencers share tasting experiences of the new flavors! (CNBC)

Crumbl Cream… Ice Cream is now offered at Crumbl Cookies! This is Cherry Hill NJ

Luckily for consumers they make the cookie flavors available online for each store

Cherry Hill today is offering (and I assume through the weekend)

  • Milk Chocolate Chip: The classic—you can’t go wrong. Thick, soft, and packed with milk chocolate chips.
  • Banana Bread: A fluffy banana cookie with flavors of brown sugar and vanilla, topped with a cream cheese glaze and a brown sugar streusel.
  • Monster: All the flavors you could ask for—peanut butter, M&M’S® Candies, semi-sweet chocolate chunks, brown sugar, and oatmeal all rolled into one.
  • Mint Brownie: For those who love brownies with a minty zing topped with a chocolate ganache.
  • Strawberry Ice Cream Bar: A strawberry-and-vanilla cookie layered with whipped vanilla buttercream and a sweet sprinkle of vanilla strawberry streusel.
  • Chocolate Caramel: A rich chocolate cookie with milk chocolate chips, smothered with sweet caramel, then topped with a caramel piece and a dash of sea salt.

When I visited today there was an army of workers in the store. Partly because they are working on final training items, but also I expect it will be a very busy weekend!

I popped in on Thursday at noon and was fortunate to get right to the counter and order. But just 5 mins later as I waited for my cookies the line had quickly filled up to the door!

Crumbl cookies are packaged flat (side-by-side) in 4, 6 or 12 packs.

The distinctive pink box and oblong shaped box of the 4 pack is a recognizable part of the brand.

The new Crumbl store in Cherry Hill NJ is located near the new Costco, in the same section as Duluth Trading.

Crumbl Cherry Hill – Grand Opening Friday Aug 5th and Saturday Aug 6th

With one day of full soft-opening under their belt, Crumbl is going into full Grand Opening mode starting Friday.

A Facebook event offers the details (Facebook)

Hello Cherry Hill! 👋 🍪

Introducing cookies as you’ve never experienced before! Join us in our Grand Opening celebration for our Cherry Hill store!

Doors open Friday, August 5th from 8 am until MIDNIGHT!

Join us as we bring friends and family together over the world’s best box of cookies.

🍪 Unique flavors every week
💝 Served fresh in our pink box
🚗 Take-out, curbside, & delivery functions starting on Wednesday, August 10th

📍 950 Garden Park Blvd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
(Outside Costco, next to Duluth Trading Company)

Crumbl Cherry Hill Facebook

Marlton Location Also in the Works

Crumbl is also working on a location in Marlton. They have looked at a few locations but have it seems they have not locked in a deal just yet. Popular Marlton Facebook page “A View From Evesham” has been keeping tabs on the plans for Marlton. (Facebook)

The 42Freeway 4-pack I picked up today. Monster, Banana Bread, Classic Milk Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Ice Cream Bar

Links and Locations

Crumbl Cherry Hill – Now Open!
950 Garden Park Blvd
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002

Cherry Hill Website

Crumbl Cookies Corporate Facebook