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Chipotle at Brace Road and Route 70 in Cherry Hill Expected to Open in December!

Chipotle at Brace Road and Route 70 in Cherry Hill Expected to Open in December!
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The long awaited Chipotle at the intersection of Brace Road and Route 70 in Cherry Hill is expected to open next month!  Construction continues on Chipotle’s newest location, its second in Cherry Hill.

The location was approved by the Cherry Hill Planning Board on December 2, 2019, so it looks like it will be just over one year from start to delicious burritos.

The restaurant is a free-standing building in the Virtua (formerly Lourdes) Medical Office, and will actually face the medical building, not Route 70.

Front of Chipotle, with Route 70 behind it

Customer will be able to get to Chipotle from entrances from Brace Road and Route 70 East.  Normal business hours are expected to be daily from 10 AM until 10:45 PM, with 9 to 12 employees on hand for any given shift.  The restaurant will have 21 dedicated parking spaces – a variance was granted, as 27 are required by town code.  It was noted that Virtua has an additional 314 spaces.

Rear of Chipotle facing Route 70

Also expected to relieve parking issues is the inclusion of a ‘Chipotlane’ on the side of the building.  Chipotlanes are a fairly new addition to Chipotle restaurants, a concept first introduced 2018.  These are similar to drive thru lanes, but there is no menu board and no ‘squawk box’.

The new ‘Chipotlane’ with pickup window

The window in the Chipotlane is only for picking up previously placed orders via the Chipotle App or  There will be no exchange of money at the window and no ordering of food.  According to testimony at the Planning Board, it is expected that 10-15% of all sales will be made via the App and picked up through the Chipotlane.  In Covid times, when people either can’t or don’t want to go inside, the Chipotlane seems like a really wise business decision.

As there is no ordering or payment in the Chipotlane, the pickup process is much quicker than a normal drive-thru lane, and will prevent cars from queuing in the lane.  This is not the first Chipotlane in the area: our sister site 42Freeway recently reported about another Chipotlane opening up in Washington Township.

Chipotle obviously feels there is enough demand for fast casual Mexican food to build this franchise, even though another one in a few miles down Route 70 on Haddonfield Road, and I think they are probably correct.  But I wonder if this will hurt Qdoba, which is just across the intersection from this new Chipotle, in the Ellisburg Shopping Center.  Time will tell.

Want to buy this Chipotle?  The physical building?  It is currently for sale!  The asking price is $4,350,000.  The real estate listing notes that Chipotle will be your tenant for at least the next 15 years, as that is how long their lease is, with three 5-year options to renew.  There are also 10% rent increases built into the lease every 5 years.

Real estate listing for building housing the new Chipotle