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Brewery Proposed for Collingswood’s Former Fire Station. Planning Meeting Next Week

Brewery Proposed for Collingswood’s Former Fire Station.  Planning Meeting Next Week
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Collingswood NJ is still a “dry town”, but a second brewery is looking to move in… targeting the former Fire Station on W. Collings Ave.

The brewery plans have been in the works for years including numerous discussions with town officials, and it all comes to a “head” on Monday April 25th at 7pm when the project is presented to the Collingswood Consolidated Planning Board of Adjustment.

Be sure to scroll down for our version of the brewery interior layout!

42Freeway has spoken to a member of the ownership team regarding the new proposed brewery, and we are respecting their wishes at this time to not disclose the parties involved. But depending on Monday’s outcome… 🙂

The proposed brewery for Collingswood’s former Fire Station building is an awesome location in the heart of the thriving main street of Haddon Ave.

If approved this would be Collingswood’s second brewery, with Devil’s Creek operating on Haddon Ave since May of 2016. (The two breweries are not affiliated)

W. Collings Ave Fire Hall

As mentioned, the new brewery is planned for Collingswood’s former Fire Station on W. Collings Ave, which sits one property off of Haddon Ave, behind Kitchen Consigliere.

This is a great location right in the heart of Collingswood’s thriving Haddon Ave main street shopping and restaurant district.

Plus the Collingswood Patco Train Station is a 2 minute walk away, making this a destination stop for Philadelphia and South Jersey.

The Collings Ave Station has been closed since last fall after Collingswood opened up an all new facility elsewhere in town. A brewery is proposed for the location.

The Fire Station building also sits in the back of Collingswood’s Borough Hall (across the street) and is next to the Community Center Building which also houses several municipal offices.

The old Fire Station building became available for reuse after Collingswood officially opened their new $15 Million Public Safety building at 434 Haddon Ave, which supports both the Police and Fire Departments.

The former Fire Station on Collings Ave is an all brick exterior construction, and to accomodate the angle of Collins Ave, the building had been developed in 2 core segments which jut out and different lengths towards the roadway.

One segment offers a wide single bay door and a second floor, while the smaller portion is just one floor and offers two separate garage doors.

That lower segment of the building also has an office area to the left of the bay doors.

A plaque on the smaller segment is dated May 1984, and commemorates the building’s dedication!

A plaque at the Collings Ave Station memorializes the day in 1984 when the former Collingswood Fire Station was dedicated.

Considering a primary use for a fire station is to house and protect firetrucks, the property does not really offer any dedicated parking, but Collingswood has a variety of parking options in the area.

The building offers a lot of character, a great location, and with some innovative use of the bay door opening areas… can really make for an interesting tasting room experience for visitors.

Brotherton Brewery and Westville Brewery are both operating in former fire stations. This Collingswood Fire Station seems closer in size to the Brotherton facility.

Collingswood’s Second Brewery – What We Can Tell You

The building and location will make for an exciting beer tasting experience!

The design layout will follow the two-segments of the building that we mentioned earlier, with the tasting room and bar area in the larger (deeper) segment, and the brewing area in the other.

The initial plans do not indicate a usage for the second floor, and at this time we can only assume they are not looking to utilize the second floor, at least not initially.

The requested approval is for a tasting room supporting 54 total seats, with 38 in the tasting room on the inside, and then another 16 outside in a front covered patio, in front of the left Brewing Room segment.

42Freeway has seen the plans for the layout and it shows that of the 38 interior seats, the tasting bar will support 14 customers and the 6 tables will be available, each accommodating 4 customers each.

It’s important to note that the diagram presented below was created by based of the actual submitted plans. We created a colorized version for additional reader clarity and may not 100% represent what is being presented. The actual submitted plans are available to review at the Collingswood Planning Board Office.

42Freeway depiction of the brewery layout being proposed for Collingswood’s former Fire Station on Collings Ave

Restrooms will be available directly off of the tasting room.

At the back of this Tasting Room segment is a large storage area, which appears to have an exterior garage door for deliveries, and cleverly they have added an interior roll-up door which connects to the brewing room.

That adjacent Brewing Room appears to be large enough to support a lot of future growth.

The plans designate 6 tanks sitting in the far back area, and other equipment in front of them… but while it’s tough to determine simply by architect drawings, we would imagine that at least half of the space will remain available for future growth.

To the left of the brewing area is another smaller (third) segment which is simply labeled “Tenant Area”.

At this time we aren’t clear what the intent is here… and maybe they are looking to lease out that space? Well, we’ll learn more at the Planning Meeting.

Collingswood Fire Company, Incorporated in 1895

Links and Location

New Brewery Presentation Meeting and Planning Review (Collings Ave Fire Station, Collingswood)
Consolidated Planning Board of Adjustment
Monday, April 25, 2022 at 7:00 PM
Collingswood Community Center, Second Floor
30 West Collings Avenue
Collingswood, New Jersey 08108

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