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bb.q Chicken coming to Mount Laurel. Authentic Korean Fried Chicken

bb.q Chicken coming to Mount Laurel.  Authentic Korean Fried Chicken
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bb.q Chicken will soon be opening in Mount Laurel NJ in the Larchmont Centre, where ShopRite is also located.

This will be their third location in South Jersey, with the other two restaurants in Cherry Hill and Marlton.

Founded in Seoul, South Korea almost 30 years ago, their signature menu item is Korean style fried chicken which they fry at a lower temperature, creating chicken that is crispier, juicier and more tender.

A variety of special recipe sauces are offered and provide a delicious and unique mix of flavor.

bb.q Chicken holds on to long standing Korean traditions of fried chicken, but use modern research and development techniques to make sure every order is fresh, delicious and perfect.

The model must be working as they now have over 3,500 locations worldwide in 57 different countries!

bb.q Chicken – Mount Laurel

The new bb.q Chicken in Mount Laurel is currently under development and is listed on their website as “coming soon”

Signage is already in place and a quick glance in the window shows that the interior work is well on its way.

The location within Larchmont Centre is on the right side of the strip mall section directly next to Wasabi Japanese cuisine. On the other side is Stretch Lab.  Google Maps “Street View” shows that a few years ago the bb.q unit was home to a dry cleaners.

If you look closely at the photo of the store’s front glass you can see a fun and festive graphic text wallpaper… which is likely a different interior design than the Marlton location.

View From Evesham coverage from 2020 of the then upcoming Marlton location.

Marlton opened in January of 2021 and popular Facebook group A View From Evesham covered the announcement and opening of bb.q chicken at the Marlton Crossing shopping center.  That location is a unique combo of an existing Frozen Boba store which was upgraded to support the bb.q Chicken menu.

At this time I am not clear on when this Mount Laurel location opens.

bb.q Chicken – Menu Options

As mentioned the star of the show at bb.q chicken is their Korean style fried chicken.  The website menu shows 14 different sauces for the crispy, juicy, tender chicken pieces.

Top favorites are noted as Honey Garlic which is a sweet, soy based sauce that is light on heat but heavy on flavor.   Soy Garlic is a savory sauce with a mild tang of garlic.  Caribbean Spice is the sauce of the Summer… chicken slathered in a special Caribbean jerk sauce!

They also offer K-Food, from kimchi fried rice to spicy bowls of ddeok-bokki.

The classic ddeok-bokki is a Korean street food dish made from rice cakes and fish cakes in a sweet and spicy chili reduction.

Kimchi Fried Rice is stir-fried rice with chicken and vegetables in a classic kimchi base.

A variety of sides are also offered at bb.q Chicken from the traditional french fries and sweet potato fries, to cheese sticks, onion rings, fried dumplings, chiseling fries and more.

Links and Location

bb.q Chicken Mount Laurel – Coming Soon
Larchmont Centre
127 Ark Rd
Mt Laurel Township, NJ 08054