LIDL Supermarket and Big Lots CONFIRMED for Glassboro’s Former K-Mart Store (Collegetown Shopping Center)

Now this is some exciting news and somewhat kicking myself for not finding this before my last post on the shopping center.  Oh well, I’ll get twice the traffic, ha.   Property owner Brixmor themselves have unknowingly confirmed LIDL supermarket and a relocated Big Lots are 2 of the three larger stores coming in to the closed K-Mart location!!  From our prior post we shared that K-mart’s 100,000+ sq feet will be split into 4 stores. Three larger stores across the front and one smaller in the back.  LIDL would be positioned in the front left 1/3 and Big Lots next to them in the center.

How did 42Freeway find this?  Well as I sit at home drinking my morning coffee today and doing online research, I decided to take at look at Brixmor’s quarterly financial statements.  Each financial quarter, stock market traded companies have an investor “earnings” conference where they update on sales, revenue and big company changes…. and then this information is written out for investors.

And there it is… sitting out there on the interwebs since October 2019:

Redevelopment of former Kmart with a 40K SF Big Lots, a 25K SF LIDL and an additional junior anchor; construction of multi-tenant outparcel buildings; and shopping center upgrades including façade renovations, parking reconfiguration, and pylon sign and lighting enhancements

These reports are highly analyzed and regulated.  A company won’t list new leases or changes in these quarterly reports if it wasn’t rock solid legit.

Lidl and Big Lots

Well Big Lots is easy to explain… Glassboro already has one.  Discount home goods store?  I literally just walked through the Glassboro store for the first time last week.  So it seems they will be moving across the street to this newly remodeled shopping center.  And yes it will probably leave an empty store over at the other shopping center (which already has a big emptiness from the closed Sears hardware).  Why would they do this?  Foot traffic.  Supermarkets have a constant flow of people walking in and being positioned next to them the expectation is a percentage of those shoppers will come into Big Lots

Lidl is newer to this area.  They have a store in Vineland and one in Cherry Hill is close to opening.  It’s a German based grocer similar in size and style of Aldi.  I visited the Vineland store and saw they also had a large area dedicated to bins of household goods.  It was nice, bright and clean.  Food, groceries, vegetables…  but in a small more manageable store size.  What impressed me the most was their bakery.  They had some really nice baked-in-the-store baked products.   Lidl’s most widely known news in our area though has been what they haven’t done.  They spent millions on property in Mantua, and never built. The got approval for two locations in Gloucester Township and haven’t turned over a shovel full of dirt.  They were advertised as coming to a planned shopping center in Turnersville.   And they recently got approval for another store on the White Horse Pike in Somerdale.

With the soon to open Cherry Hill Lidl store… does it mark the start of more LIDL stores coming to our area?

And yes, there already is an Aldi and Shop-rite across the street.. so this will make for tough competition!

NOTE TO OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS:  This is truly a 42Freeway exclusive.  I clearly describe how I uncovered this.  If you run with your version of the story… even if you say “well we talked to the Mayor”… it is still a 42Freeway scoop and out of professional courtesy I would expect the article to say “as first reported at area retail news site


16 thoughts on “LIDL Supermarket and Big Lots CONFIRMED for Glassboro’s Former K-Mart Store (Collegetown Shopping Center)”

    • I actually shop down there on a daily basis, and we literally have Wal-Mart, shoprite and Lidl alllll next to each other, and those stores are always busy, Lidl is always having a decent croud, even with those two major stores…. However, Walmart has been slacking BIG time… They are never stocked, everytime I do go, there’s at least 5 items that I cannot get bc the shelves are empty, and there’s never an employee around to ask, their fruits and vegetables have taken a huge turn for the rotten, and not fresh looking…. And they are all across the street from one another, and Lidl and shoprite next to each other, and the shoprite is beautiful, as it’s a Bottinos… However Lidl is just as busy… It’s nice bc it’s just crowded enough to keep the businesses going, but nothing like the congestion in Glassboro… I cringe when I have to head that way, and now putting three major stores at the old k-mart… Who wants to deal with all that backed up traffic bc of rowan, and all the other stores they are putting into one small area…. I will continue to go down to Landis Ave, all my needs in one area with no congestion, plus the stores are a lot more clean.. Just my opinion and wanted to share.

  1. Geez. Just report the stuff . You’re so worried about if someone acknowledges you. Get a grip.. your head is getting too big.

    • I’ll never stop calling it out. How bad does it get? I did a post on the inspira hospital last fall… just a construction update on new hospital and I checked career site and saw they had 100+ jobs posted so I wrote a story on it. There was no press release. There was no message on the Inspira website. That was completely my story from my brain.
      A few days later the South Jersey Times ( ran the exact same story. 100% stole my story. This is not two different outlets reporting a common event. 100% from my brain. So I reached out SJT to add my site as source, which they did. cause they knew it was wrong. I’m just a guy doing this a few hours a week and having a big impact and cant quietly sit back as my hard earned work is stolen. I am not doing this 9-5 getting paid. This is time taken away from my family to do this… so in my mind its even more valuable. AQ

      • and we appreciate what you do for us Mark. hey on another note, anything new to report on Guiseppi’s? Looks like they tore 95% of it down. I though they were going to ‘reconfigure and reconstruct’. Is it still destined to be?

      • Looks like the SJT doesn’t understand the concept because they ran this story in their paper today. Keep up the good work.

    • Sorry, You are dead wrong. He puts a lot of work into his reporting. He deserves credit.
      When you read news on line they always credit the original source. Listen to the news, NBC might say that CNN first reported (fill in the blank).

      Not giving credit is Plagiarism.

  2. Sounds exciting. I’ve been wondering what was going to become of that space. Primitive Axe seems to be doing well next to Big Lots and the old Sears. Shame that Matt Blatts is going to continue in the space where the bowling alley was. Kudos for the information!

  3. I’m soo happy to hear lid is comming to glassboro nj that’s only 1 town away from me I don’t have to go to millville nj anymore I’m soo pumped about it 4 thunbs up !!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for all your hard work. Stealing your work is an atrocity. Was really wishing for a “Trader Joe’s”

    • When they build up the long stalled richwood development all of the upscale stores will go there due to the prestige of being located in Mullica Hill.

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