LIDL Proposed For Black Horse Pike in Gloucester Township. Empty Lot Diagonal From Sam’s Bar Shopping Center

The LIDL Supermarket company is proposing a 31,000 sq ft grocery on the Black Horse Pike in the Blackwood section of Gloucester Township.  This is the third location proposed in Gloucester Township by LIDL (the prior two have not been developed yet).  The newest location is that empty large lot at the corner of Black Horse Pike and Lakeland/Davistown Rd… diagonal from the Shoppes at Gloucester Township shopping center, most known by Sam’s Bar and Grille (and the new Dunkin Donuts).  They are scheduled to appear at the August 25th Planning Board meeting.

I am Mister Positive on commercial developments… but yes, considering this is the third GT location proposed and nothing has happened with the first two… you start wondering “come on, is this really going to happen”.   I hope to be at the Planning Board meeting, and assuming a Deptford resident is allowed to speak, I will definitely ask what’s up!  This location is close to the successful Gloucester Premium Outlets (and the new Dave & Busters), so that could be a big draw for this location. Success draws more success!

If LIDL does proceed with this new location, it will be a HUGE win for that area of town. The old Blackwood district of the Black Horse Pike has been needing a jump start for a while now… yes the Outlets are a bug asset to the area, but this LIDL location is sitting right on the Black Horse Pike, and there is additional land along the pike to be developed. 

The property is listed as owned by Black Horse Properties, which shares an address with local construction firm A.P. Construction who is located at the same intersection (across the street from this proposed LIDL).  Black Horse Properties also owns several additional large lots in that area  of the Black Horse Pike.

More on this story as we get additional information.

(Article update to be more specific on the property ownership)

About LIDL

LIDL is a German based supermarket chain, with a model similar to Aldi.

Lidl recently opened a new store in Cherry Hill, and a location in Glassboro is nearing completion.  They were also recently approved recently in Somerdale.  After much fanfare regarding their entry into the US marketplace several years ago, this seemed to get quiet.  Well, looks like they are more than active now!

The previously proposed (and approved) stores:

2016: Nike Missile Base property on Cross Keys Rd

2017: Blackwood-Clementon Rd


6 thoughts on “LIDL Proposed For Black Horse Pike in Gloucester Township. Empty Lot Diagonal From Sam’s Bar Shopping Center”

  1. With that whole area being a “grocery desert” I’m really surprised that someone from a chain grocery store hasn’t observed the number of residents in a 2 mile radius. Granted, a Wegmans might not be the “best” fit, but a discount chain should be able to make a profit while serving the surrounding community. I certainly hope this plan comes to fruition in the very near future.

    • It’s been a long, long time, but didn’t the “anchor store” in the opposite corner used to be an Acme? Or at least, a generic grocery store?

      Of course this was the Early 90s, back when there was a Super Fresh next to Teppanyaki (or whatever it was called then), and an Acme next to the K-Mart on Blackwood Clementon.

  2. Not sure where your sources come from especially about somerdale aside from another random article that says almost word for word for what you said, but it’s not true. The previous two in GT were also denied. You should do more research.

    • Hey Jim. Why are you so upset over LIDL? First… nowhere in my BHP article do I say GT was approved.

      Summary: Somerdale was approved Feb 18 2020. See public notice below. This was less that one month before COVID hit the fan. i drove by the lot today. Buildings are cleared but I dont expect much action with Covid. This was covered by the Courier Post. For Gloucester Township, NEITHER PROJECTS WERE DENIED. LIDL Nike base GT was 100% approved and they were made the redeveloper, but LIDL chose to back out. Blackwood-clementon was up for Planning board in May 2018. LIDL Cancelled that meeting and meeting minutes said it will be rescheduled, and it wasnt. As far as I can see GT never actually heard officially on the Blackwood Clementon road location.

      What ticks me off about your comment is you tell me to do research first, when you did absolutely none before commenting. Before you say that Somerdale was completetly false.. take 15 seconds to type into Google: Somerdale LIDL, and you wouldve found artciles from the Courier Post and NJ.Com (South Jersey Times) on the Somerdale Lidl store.

      Use the contact form on my site here to send me a message… give me your phone number or I can reply with mine. Would love to talk this through with you.


      Dec 18, 2019 Somerdale approved the LIDL store. On Feb 18 the published the Public notice.
      NOTICE OF DECISION Please take notice that the Borough of Somerdale Planning & Zoning Board has granted an application filed by Lidl US Operations, LLC regarding real property located at the northeast corner of Evergreen Avenue and White Horse Pike in Somerdale, designated as Block 23, Lots 1.01, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 14 on the municipal tax map. The Board granted preliminary and final major site plan approval to develop the property with a 29,136 square foot Lidl grocery store and associated improvements. The only proposed new development on block 23, lot 11 is construction of a stormwater management basin. The Board granted this application on December 18, 2019 and its decision was memorialized in a resolution adopted on January 29, 2020. A copy of the memorializing resolution is filed in the office of the municipal administrative officer. A copy is available to any interested party for a reasonable fee and is available for public inspection during municipal business hours. Damien O. Del Duca, Esquire Del Duca Lewis, LLC Attorneys for Applicant 21 E. Euclid Avenue, Suite 100 Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033 (856) 427-4200 ($29.36)

        For Gloucester Township

      Nike base.
      100% was approved. LIDL decided to pull out of that location because full approvals from all necessary agencies was going to take to long (or so the documents say). GT made the the redevelopmer of the property, and even promoted it in their 2016 Winter Community Report:

      Lidl – European grocery chain is making a big push into the U.S. market. The 36,000 square foot supermarket will be located on the 5 acres of former Nike missile base at Berlin Cross Keys Rd, South of Williamstown Rd, at the New Vision Redevelopment Area.


      Was on for planning board meeting 5/8/2018. They had a signed contract to purchased the property on Blackwood-Clementon Road. The meeting minutesindicate “CANCELLED Reschedule Pending”

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