July 2nd New Jersey Casinos Open at 25% Capacity and Indoor Dining in the State Will Also Resume at 25% Capacity!

New Jersey Governor Murphy made somewhat of a surprise announcement this morning saying casinos may reopen at 25% capacity, as well as indoor dining at 25% capacity!

I say “somewhat of a surprise” as Casinos reopening before the July 4th holiday has been discussed recently, and several Casinos have been promoting the restart of room reservations (such as Ocean), but I don’t think the general public was expecting this announcement today, and definitely didn’t expect the restart of indoor dining!

For the casinos, while the 25% capacity seems restrictive, keep in mind the casino space is huge, and in every one of my visits most of the areas are very sparsely populated.  Think about your visits through a casino and seeing all the empty slot machine seats…  My point is, just like when retail stores opened recently, at first there will be a mad rush to return to the casinos but after that subsides, the 25% capacity may feel like normal operating levels.

What wasn’t entirely expected, at least by me… is that restaurants will also be able to support indoor dining at 25% capacity, which considering the casinos opening, it seems only fair.

Still not open are Arcades and Amusement rides.