Hobby Lobby Deptford CONFIRMED!

The surprises continue to roll in for the Almonesson Rd area of Deptford, with the signing of Hobby Lobby coming to join the new Burlington Coat Factory at the Court at Deptford!  The folks at DLC Management are really turning things around at the shopping complex which not too long ago looked more down than up.  And actually, the transformations that have happened in this small area of the Deptford Township retail powerhouse district are really quite remarkable with EIGHT major store openings and signings in just the last 18-24 months.

The Court at Deptford is well known as the home to Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Ross.  It took some tough hits over the years starting with the departure of the original Deptford Sam’s Club but is now turning into a thriving center with the very soon to open new Burlington Store and a larger Party City store at a new location.

The DLC website puts the new store in the back right corner of the shopping center, taking over a combined space that originally housed the Branch Brook pool store (and possibly some of the Circuit City location).

Just when we thought up-and-comer Gloucester Premium Outlets was going to take the 42Freeway retail championship belt away, Deptford comes back strong with another surprise upper-cut!

This is the second area new Hobby Lobby to be released… with another store coming to the Cross-Keys development.  One thing I learned after posting that story, is that people LOVE Hobby Lobby, or at least love to talk about it as it quickly became the most commented, read, and shared story in the short 42Freeway.com history.

I drove through the Cross-Keys shopping center just this past weekend.  It will be a new building, and there is absolutely no sign of construction there.   Makes me wonder if the Deptford location opens first?!

For more information on Hobby Lobby, read my prior post on the Sickleville/Cross Keys planned store where I offer a little more details on the Hobby Lobby chain.

More details to come as we get them…  literally was just checking the DLC website on information regarding the Burlington store!

10 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby Deptford CONFIRMED!”

  1. When and where will applications for employment in the Deptford store be submitted. Hobby Lobby is my favorite store for crafting, especially for yarn since I crochet every day. I currently work part time in the Deptford Mall.

    • Its a long way off before they are taking applications. This was just announced publicly and it seems there is a decent amount of construction that will have to happen first.
      Keep an eye out of the Gloucester Premium Outlets going it… while I don’t know all of the stores, there are 80+ planned to open later this year, and maybe there will be something more to your liking.

    • There will be two stores. After I “broke” the stories, South Jersey Times (NJ.com) picked up my story and contacted Hobby Lobby management who confirmed both stores are still planned, hopefully for 2015.

  2. Is this the same Hobby Lobby that sells radio control model airplanes? I went to a Hobby Lobby in Columbus, Ohio and it was mostly arts and crafts.

    • It’s arts and crafts, with a lot of home decor. Would think you’re not going find radio control car hobbies well represented

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