Have Ten Minutes to Kill? Mark from 42Freeway was on the Small Bites Podcast/Radio Show

On Sunday June 2nd, Mark from 42Freeway was a guest on area podcast “Small Bites”.   While it’s an hour long radio podcast show, I am featured in the first 10 minutes of the show…   so if you want to jump ahead follow this link to the show page and you can stream directly from the web browser, or there are also links to the Apple and Google podcast app links.

Well it’s more than a podcast show, as it is also syndicated on several AM radio stations.  But I’ll stick with podcast as I reference it!

Small Bites Podcast

For those that don’t know what a podcast is… a podcast is an internet radio show where the shows are recorded and made available via the web, or podcast applications on smartphones (if you have an Apple phone, you have the Apple Podcast app).  In today’s digital world podcast shows have become incredibly popular…. some of the most popular national shows have millions of listeners.

Small Bites is an hour long show about food, beverages, travel, nightlife, books, magazines, entertainment, and all topics related to the hospitality industry… and focused on the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.  So close… the Wildfire Radio studios where it is recorded are located right in Westville NJ.  Honestly, I was impressed by the setup, the people and entire experience.  Most people try to run their podcast from the homes and this is a REAL business with REALLY talented people.  The podcast seems to be doing very well as they state Small Bites is the #1 listed food radio show Philadelphia and the most popular* weekly hospitality based program.  Celebrity guests include Chef Robert Irvine, country star Martina McBride, legendary dual sport star Bo Jackson, famed Eagles Coach Dick Vermeil, legendary actor Paul Sorvino and many, many more…

… and now including Mark Matthews of 42Freeway.com.   Who the heck let me in here?

There are several people that contribute regularly to the show, but the main force behind the show is Derek Timm of Small Bites (of course) and Bluejeanfood website.  Derek seems to handle most of the guest coordination, as well as is the lead guy to keep the flow of the show going.  There is no down time… my experience on the show was rapid paced commentary and guests, with very little “dead air”.

Also sitting in with us as a host was John Howard-Fusco who has his own blog Eating in South Jersey, but also is a journalist at the Courier Post, contributes to a variety of print and on-air media outlets, and also has written a book… A Culinary History of Cape May

A third on air regular is Donato Marino of D&L coffee services, who unfortunately could not make it to the show.

We had an off-air producer on the show also…  damn I forgot his name.  But that’s ok, I got Derek’s name wrong on-air.  🙂

My Appearance

Since this was my first time on the show (will there be more?), we had to go back to the beginning “When did you start this blog”…. and with that question I was off and running.  In the 10 min chat we discussed the Bellmawr Landfill and Bass Pro Shops, how I find stories, Taco Bell is more interesting than taxes, Washington Township has some new restaurants opened recently, the Wing Kitchen was very appreciative… and also, what are my plans this week for the site.

Overall I was very happy with it!  I stammered once or twice and I made a few mistakes…  I called Derek by his last name, and I said Macaroni Grill instead of Mozzarella grill… but overall it was a lot of fun.

Derek and the array of other guests (in the studio and calling in) made things move very fast.  Before the show started he gave some rules for how to jump into other guests conversations in a way that people aren’t talking over each other… but there was none of that on Sunday.  Things just moved too fast!

It was a very interesting show even beyond my 10 minute segment!  ha!   Following me in the studio was Jessica from the Morgan’s Pier/Craft Hall/Parks On Tap organization, Ettore who is opening a new restaurant “Rosalie” in the Wayne Hotel, and guests calling in were John Sierpout who is a firefighter in New York and also building a culinary reputation.. and lastly Fon who is from Philadelphia and is in this season’s Ink Master show.  They even close with an official Jackie the Jokeman Martling one-liner!   This is the real deal!

The Small Bites episode page does a much better job explaining who these awesome people area, and includes links to all their important web things.

Again.. thanks a ton guys for having me on.  It was a blast.  If you ever find a surprise opening in the schedule and need a fill-in, give me a call. I’m one town over!  ha.  But as I chat about in the podcast, I am continuing to grow 42Freeway into something bigger (for when I grow up) and maybe I am expanding into other forms of media.  While I have a face for radio (as you also joked), I am leaning more towards YouTube.  For today, at least.  Maybe both?  Maybe I’ll just get a beer instead.

Damn I wish I had thought to take a pic of us all in the studio… would’ve been a great article cover pic.

Link below is to the Small Bites Episode page.  Listen there!
Small Bites Radio Episode 112 – Web Stream and Podcast versions

10 thoughts on “Have Ten Minutes to Kill? Mark from 42Freeway was on the Small Bites Podcast/Radio Show”

  1. Just listened and amazing show. Really entertaining. First time listening to a podcast. Mark you should have your own show or go on this show at least once a month to give us updates. I liked how the segments went quick and didn’t drag on or get boring. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

    • Thank you Charles! I really appreciate you giving it a listen, and taking the time to give some positive feedback! it really was a lot of fun… a rush! So much more I wanted to say. ha.

      Something is brewing in my brain. Life offers limited valuable free time so I am thinking it through to make sure my next move, I can commit to.

      Stopping back in on the Small Bites show would be a fun and easy one!

      • Mark indeed life is too short so you should enjoy. Hope to hear you again on the program and hopefully have an even longer time to talk and tell us more. Next time it would be cool if you interviewed them and wrote a behind the scenes piece with pictures and maybe even video of what goes on in studio and about the hosts on the show of who they are and what they do. You said they filled you in on some rules. I like these type of things on movies and tv specials of how things are really made and sometimes reality isn’t really reality on these programs with scripts and staged, but still entertaining.

        • I did ask a bunch of questions to understand how it all comes together. A post or video about the process is not a bad idea.

  2. Hi Mark;

    You mentioned on the show that you are sitting on several domain names……. Here is an idea. Franchise them. Like a 7-11. Find competent bloggers willing to put the time in, put together an advertising package that can be crossed filled…… ie: 42F, Marlton Pike, ect. I am sure that you could get business to buy ads. Then sell the domain, with advertising rights and a % of the ad income. I am sure that with a few domain name purchases, you could sew all three counties up.

  3. Love Small Bites!!! They used to be on every week with old hosts, but now they are only once or twice a month which is a bummer. I subscribe to them so I don’t have to know when a new show will be, it just pops up in my iTunes podcasts which is great. Agree Derek is force of show and funny, but new host Donato doesn’t say much. Thought show with John being co-host was great, but no news this week from him. Great appearance on show for first time ever, you did great and sounded like a natural with them. Good chemistry between you and the hosts. Would be great it you covered more 676 corridor to do food in Camden, Gloucester City, and West Collingswood as they are an area that are undeserved also. You certainly have big plans with all the websites ready to go. Thanks for all you do and share with us.

    • Laura, thanks for the great feedback! it’s clear you really are a small bites fan! I agree.. Derek is “the man” and really does a great job keeping things rolling. I didnt get to interact with Donato, so I cant comment there. It takes a lot of work to pull the show together.. 5 guests on the same show? crazy! and I think Derek does most of that work… so I can understand him going every 2 weeks with the show. I have difficulty at times getting my blog posts out and I dont coordinate with anyone, ha.

      It was a lot of fun to be on the show.. and yes it did feel natural. I have about a 100 coals on the fire for 42Freeway and other, and formulating where I burn the few precious hours a week that free up. As I mentioned in the interview, leaning more towards YouTube than podcast, but I wouldnt mind sitting in on the show again!

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