Don Pablo’s Deptford Closed Abruptly Sunday Night. No Details

It was the last Don Pablo’s left, and last night management came in and closed up the beloved Tex-Mex eatery located in Deptford NJ (in the Target Parking lot).   We found several employee posts on social media about the closing, and the nearby Uno’s location posted to employees to come over and apply at Uno’s.  The post goes on to say “(Don Pablo’s) Corporate came in, no warning, and locked the doors”.   Note: Glassboro’s Mexican Mariachi also has openings, specifically looking for cooks!

UPDATE:  We had a reporter stop by at the store at noon and captured the sign on the front door announcing the closing. A large truck was out back, already clearing things out.

Earlier today I captured an image of their Facebook page saying permanently closed, and then a little bit later it seems the page was removed from Facebook.  The restaurant website has no content other than “Please come back later”.

We have reached out to the ownership group via email, and will post more as we get details.

Incredibly sad to see this location close, and for employees to be out of work.  A side question… what becomes of the unique building and its VERY valuable Deptford liquor license?


12 thoughts on “Don Pablo’s Deptford Closed Abruptly Sunday Night. No Details”

  1. So sad we love Don pablos i gave someone a gift card for her birthday to don pablos and she hasn’t had a chance to use it yet please if you find out more details on why please let us know

  2. There are no other locations left, this was the last one. So, why would they put that sign stating, “we would hope to serve you at another location very soon?”

    • this ownership group has closed a dozen or more Don Pablos. I bet they simply re-printed the sign they had used a dozen times prior.

    • Perhaps because it’s a standard sign that was printed in the past, for the closings of other locations. Not a tough one to figure out.

  3. I think non corporate compliance – when you buy Into a franchise and you don’t do franchise the Way. They come in and shut shit down like that

  4. Was business that bad?!?! Every time I went by there the lot was mostly full?? Even after all these years, the food was still good as was the service. Many good memories there. A shame for it to be closed so abruptly.

    • The fact it was still opens… is a testament to how well the location was doing. Every other location had already closed and this was the last remaining. Deptford liquor licenses are a hot commodity right now, so my guess is they got an offer they couldn’t refuse!

  5. Wow I was about to go there on Wednesday with my husband!! I loved there chicken fajitas and chips and salsa and don’t get me started on the margaritas!! Now there closed:((( please let us no why and where the next location is ??

  6. Dont worry theyll open another outside of deptford im sure. It was all about selling their liquor license. Deptford is maxed out on number of liguor licenses allowed. So they made a huge fortune on just selling that alone and then theyll reopen in another town with plenty of liquor licenses and for alot cheaper.

  7. They aren’t opening any more. I worked for the company and their intent was to shutter the brand. They made a fortune off the liquor license from Moorestown.. and I’m sure the intent is the same here.

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