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Dollar Tree is moving into the somewhat recently closed Lindenwold Walgreen’s, located in the corner of the massive Patco parking lot. This is a relocation of their nearby Somerdale store.  Many will remember the Walgreens Patco address years ago was home to the Pufferbelly restaurant! 

We stopped by today to see the not-so-old Walgreen’s building sporting a “Dollar Tree Coming Soon” banner, and a few contractor vehicles were onsite.

To clear up confusion which will absolutely happen in the comments; Dollar Tree is the true Dollar Store, and Dollar General is a general merchandise store selling things at all price ranges.  This Lindenwold store is a Dollar Tree!

Just a half mile away on the White Horse Pike is another Dollar Tree, and an unofficial contact at the store tells me that they are relocating the Somerdale store to the the Walgreen’s building.  The Somerdale building at one time was CVS Pharmacy and 50 years ago was a Robert Hall Clothing store!  We have no details yet on if anyone is moving into the Somerdale building.

Thank you to another alert reader who saw the banner hanging on the Walgreen’s and reached out to us at our Facebook page!

The two big Dollar Chains… Dollar Tree and Dollar General are on a massive growth spurt the last 18-24 months, with stores opening and planned all over our 42Freeway area!

Dollar Tree Patco
1001 Berlin Rd N
Lindenwold, New Jersey

Dollar Tree: Dollar Stores

Dollar General: General Merchandise


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  1. I remember the pufferbelly. My dad took me there for my first steak! I was about 6 and I was super excited, not because I was going to have steak, but they had a salad bar which meant bacon bits! Hahaha a refined 6 yr old palate

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