Dollar General Coming to Wenonah’s Beloved Bernie’s Market Location

This one probably may not have wide appeal across the 42Freeway region, but for those who lived around Bernie’s Market on Glassboro Road in Wenonah/Deptford, this will come as a surprise.

In early March of this year, Dollar General representatives appeared before the Deptford Zoning board to ask for variances needed for them to expand and remodel the old store building, demolish the house which sits to the side, and do significant lot improvements.  While many consider the area of Bernie’s to be Wenonah, it actually sits within the borders of Deptford (which shares many different zip codes with surrounding towns and can cause border confusion).

Zoning changes were needed to combine the three lots into one property and to clarify the zoning for the retail store.

Town groups in Facebook are filled with loving comments about Bernie’s which closed somewhat recently after the two proprietors Tony and Bernie passed away.   The Google Street View image from 2015 shows their roadside sign promoting greeting cards, hoagies, rolls and lunchmeat… a true small town market, that you just don’t see any longer.  Just 18 months ago the store was still open, as reports on a robbery taking place there.  It seems soon after they closed.

The small town market concept will not be completely lost when Dollar General takes over, as they have basically become the modern era’s small town store, and America is adapting to them.   December financial reports for the company show record sales, profits… and plans for rapid new store expansion

42Freeway was not able to attend this zoning meeting, but we did hear from town representatives who stated that area residents did appear at the meeting to ask questions and voice concerns and after comments and discussion, the zoning board approved the changes.

At this time we are not aware of the timeline for construction.

1440 Glassboro Road
Wenonah, NJ

5 thoughts on “Dollar General Coming to Wenonah’s Beloved Bernie’s Market Location”

  1. Is there any information on the Dollar general Proposed for hessian Ave where the Old National Park VFW is Now?Glenn

  2. As the crow flies… 1.48 miles to the nearest Dollar General and 2.03 miles to the second closest, 1.43 miles to Dollar Dream and 1.87 miles to Dollar Tree (plus a ‘distant’ 2.7 miles to the Dollar Tree over by the Mantua Lowe’s). And a decade or so ago, there were other dollar stores in the area, one only 1.35 miles away; and a previous dollar store in Mantua’s Toll House Plaza (1.48 miles, same place one of the Dollar General now calls home). The local area is getting flooded with these places.

  3. We loved Bernie’s and the beautiful family run corner store. We share generations of community life together& will forever regard Bernie’s special legacy to the neighborhood. Known for their hoagies.,lunch meat , anything you needed last minute, lottery tickets,Donuts& cards& personalized special customer service; treating everyone like family.

  4. “Sic transit gloria”? From the days our kids were really little, Bernie’s was the go to place for anything needed at the last minute as well as the BEST hoagies around.
    Many fundraiser sold them and they were always winners!
    The family were wonderful people too, from The eldest to the youngest. They became tensions of our own family to us. When our kids went to college, and left the Rea, “Bernie’s” always asked about them by name for years. Sadly missed!

  5. The late Tommy Kersey took me to Bernie’s and I instantly loved the small-town feel of the place. I just found out they closed. Places like Bernie’s are becoming a rarity in America.

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