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“Name Your Sport” Athletic Fun Facility in Runnemede NJ. Destinations Photo Tour!

“Name Your Sport” Athletic Fun Facility in Runnemede NJ.   Destinations Photo Tour!
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The Name Your Sport athletic gaming facility opened in Runnemede during the second half of 2020, and 42Freeway somehow missed this amazing 12,000+ sq ft facility!  This indoor multi-sport venue is the brainchild of Glendora’s Palcko Family… and wow, it’s a unique, exciting and fun facility for all ages! 

And next door they also have “The Underground Wrestling Club“… which is for Scholastic/College style wrestling, not the TV theatrical wrestling.

Oh and I love the side story of Mike and the family being featured as “The Waterpark Guy” on HGTV about 9-10 years ago, when he developed an amazing backyard waterpark at their Glendora home.

Keep reading and scrolling for the full photo tour, and to see the HGTV video clip!

I’ve also added an Intro video for the new 42Freeway Destinations section… and the last 1/3 or so is my commentary on Name Your Sport!   Check the bottom of the post!

What is Name Your Sport?

Name Your Sport is an indoor multiple sport facility packing a big variety of fun challenges into the space… from the old school thrills of standing in the batter box as a 80mph pitch heads your way, to the high-tech experience of a golf simulator where you can play the world’s greatest courses!

Oh… but wait… it’s not that cut-and-dry!  There are batting cages with a full hi-tech experience… where it tracks all of your hits as you play against others around the country… and the hi-tech video driving ranges can offer more unique thrills such as defending against a Zombie Attack as you throw tennis balls at them!

This facility has a lot of options for the serious player, the fun kids party, and the adult night out!   And yes, in the simulator area you can BYOB!  Perfect for couples night, bachelor party warm-up or just a fun family time!

The Photo Tour

Many people will know the location just by me saying this “They are in Runnemede next to the DMV Motor Vehicle office”.

More specifically, they are located at 835 E Clements Bridge Road…  almost directly across from The Vault restaurant and bar.

There is a Dollar General there also, but we reported recently that the Dollar General will be relocating to a new free-standing building next to the shopping center.

At the entrance is an attractive front counter where the Name Your Sport team greets you.  I believe its best to have reserved your spot in advance (especially under current restrictions), but you can just stop in first to check the place out. (or call first of course, 856-402-2924)

First The Simulators!

To the left of the entrance reception area, are the simulators!

There are 5 (?) total simulators, but actually 2 different styles.

They have dedicated golf simulators, as well as multi-sport versions which are REALLY cool and offer fun for kids of all ages.

The two sets of simulators are arranged facing each other, with a common seating area in the middle…. shown in the image below.  (These two are the multi-sport simulators, and we’ll come back to them).

There is also additional high top table seating behind the reception area.   

And yes, you can bring in food and adult beverages!  Name Your Sport has a deal with an area pizza shop for fast service delivered right to the facility… at a discount.  Or feel free to make your own food arrangements

SkyTrak Golf Simulators

The Golf Simulators do one thing.. and they do it well…  simulate golf.  (Who names these things?  So cryptic!)

If you aren’t familiar with Golf Simulators, the player stands in front of the projected screen image with an actual golf club and golf ball!

The course view is projected on the screen, and the player literally drives into the screen at full speed!  Well… whatever speed the shot calls for.

Sensors are located at the ball contact point and on the screen, to give the best true representation of the shot.

You see your shot right on the screen!

Amazingly, the SkyTrak system has 170,000 courses in high resolution.

That is not a typo.  You read that correctly.   ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY THOUSAND!

This year’s US Open Championship is at Torrey Pines in San Diego… and yes you and your buddies can go to Name Your Sport in Runnemede and play the same course as the US Open Pros!  Well, in a virtual depiction. But the golf swings are real!  

This link is to a Youtube video of the Torrey Pines course in SkyTrak (This video and location is unaffiliated with Name Your Sport!  Youtube Link)

Below is the bay 2 Golf Simulator at Runnemede’s Name Your Sport.  Note: The screens may look a little washed out in the photos… that is just my bad photography.  In person they are vibrant colors.  True HD!

Here is 42Freeway Mark absolutely CRUSHING the ball!  Look at that form!  Multiple people confused me with Pro golfer Bryson DeChambreau!  🙂   

Remember… you rent the simulator booth for an amount of time.. and have full control over the courses!  You and friends can hangout at the tables with a beverage or two, some fresh hot pizza… and have a heck of a time!

Multi-Sport Simulators

The two larger multi-sport simulators are really cool… and honestly I didn’t know they existed!

The big twist on the multi-sport is the variety of sports…   And even some fun games!

Well the list presented on the website is; golf, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, cricket, rugby, bocce ball, zombie dodgeball, carnival games, and arcade basketball

The booths here are much wider, with larger screens…   because if you are practicing your soccer kick, you need room to move around!

Pic below is owner Mike showing one of the carnival games… which is cool on it’s own… but what I wanted to call out is the array of sports equipment to his left.  Golf clubs, soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, hockey sticks, and in that tub are baseballs and tennis balls!

And the computer is RIGHT THERE!  It’s all controlled by the players. Here is Mike at the controls!

As mentioned, there is seating available in the simulator area, and close by behind the reception desk… which can also be used for viewing the batting cages.

More on Golf Simulators and Multi-Sport Simulators at Name Your Sport Runnemede

Private Party Room, and Game Area

Before we jump into the batting cages… wanted to also mention on the right side of the entrance is the private party room. 

This room can be reserved as “basecamp” for kid’s parties, family events, and even business team building events!

In the photo above I am taking the photo from the entrance off the main reception area.  In the far corner is another door that leads into the “real” gaming area.

Mike and the team have a fully configurable batting cage and game set-up area, and specific to the party room they can cordon off a dedicated section for your event.

They have a basketball hoop setup.  Hockey and Soccer nets and equipment are on hand.. and of course arrangements can be made for any of the facility’s cool features… but isn’t it awesome to know your kid’s birthday party will have them off the Xbox controller, and running around in their own private activity area!?

More on Private Parties at Name Your Sport Runnemede, and the Arena Area

Stepbrothers Movie (C) Columbia Pictures and Others

Batting Cages

When I visited a team had arrived for batting practices.  There is a large area dedicated to batting cages (well of course, it needs room!) and they were in full… swing!   See what I did there?!

The cages actually, aren’t cages.  They are netted barriers which provides Name Your Sport with the flexibility to reconfigure.

They can use the space as a series of narrow batting cages, pitching, or open it up and offer it for larger sport activities. 

Image below shows how easy it is for the staff to change up the space… in fact, they recently held a wrestling tournament here where they pulled back all the cages and turf to open everything up… and put down wrestling mats!

As mentioned previously, seating is available and they offer tables right next to the front most batting cage area.

Multi-Purpose Corner

In the far back left corner is a multipurpose area which can be configured for several things… and Mike’s ingenuity he has added his own hi-tech spin.

Well first, in the photo below you can see the wrestling mat in place.   This area can be used for wrestling (more on that) or any number of sports.

The two screens are for projectors, and with the adjacent control panel, players can select from a variety of images to display.

So this isn’t sensor based.. but if you are practicing your wrist shot, you can project an image of a ice rink and hockey net.

Below is the control panel which puts images on to the projector screens


HitTrax is another really cool use of blending virtual reality with real game play.

It’s a true baseball batting cage area with pitching machines and radar guns…

The added twist is it also has the sensors needed to track a variety of things such as ball speed and distance!

So that opens up an array of fun and beneficial options to the player.

Home Run Derby!  Across the Globe!


Imagine playing an actual baseball game… like when we played home run derby as kids “Into the neighbors yard is a home run!”

But at Name Your Sport… you are seeing an actual stadium in the monitors.

The ball is pitched to you…

and the computers track everything.

You’ll see where you hit the ball.   Hit, Homerun, Out.

Imagine going with a group of friends and playing an actual baseball game with each other.

Well lets take it another level… imagine playing in leagues… or even… teams from around the USA and the world!

Yes with HitTrax all of that is possible!

And yes Pitchers, the technology can also be used to track your pitches and show you precise information on your throwing!

Screens are provided both for the player in the cage, and for those watching from the sidelines (waiting for their turn)

More on HitTrax at Name Your Sport Runnemede

The Underground Wrestling Club

Directly adjacent to the Name Your Sport facility is The Underground Wrestling Club!

It is a separate smaller facility for youth wrestling (4,500 sq ft) and is also owned and operated by Glendora’s Palcko Family.

Primarily a practice and learning facility, they have also hosted larger tournaments… and with a side door access directly into the larger Name Your Sport, they can utilize the extra space for larger events!

A class in progress (2019)

It was very clear to me that Mike is a huge supporter of youth wrestling… during my visit I met his son who was conducting a training session, and also met other members of the family.

Mike explained how the programs work… yes there are membership programs, but they also conduct FREE wrestling sessions.  I think I was there on a Sunday morning when one of the free sessions was taking place.

Within the space they have multiple wrestling mat areas (of course!), a fitness/gym area, lockers and more!

The website lists two main coaches, Taylor Walsh and Mike Crowley… two area wrestlers who were both reached top levels in the State and University.

Runnemede’s Underground Wrestling Club has developed a respected reputation in Wrestling circles, and also draws in top organizations to utilize the facility.. including Drexel!

A recent Facebook post shows Drexel’s Parker Kropman demonstrating wrestling moves at Underground Wrestling Club… and Parker has made it to the 2021 NCAA D1 Wrestling Championships which start today in St Louis!

And just in January, the Underground Wrestling club hosted a major tournament…  The PRTC and WIBN Summit 1 Tournament, which brought the most recognized names in wrestling to Runnemede. 

Mike shared how awesome it was for the students in his facility to see and get to interact with legends in wrestling.

It’s really amazing that Mike and his family put this facility together… and his excitement showed as he spoke about the facility.  

Mike, a minor apology in that I missed some of the details of everything your facility has offered… but for readers, if you child is interested in wrestling… you need to check out Underground Wrestling.  A great facility with awesome people behind it.

Location and Links

Don’t forget “The Waterpark Guy” video is below this section!

Name Your Sport
835 East Clements Bridge Road
Runnemede NJ, 08078




Underground Wrestling Club
835 East Clements Bridge Road
Runnemede NJ, 08078





From The Mind Of Mike Palcko.  Local Guy Doing Big Things

This is not the first time the Palcko’s have tried something big and creative!  Mike and the family made national news a almost 10 years ago as “The Waterpark Guy”!   

Mike created a backyard waterpark worthy  of any area theme park… which caught the attention of HGTV producers who put together a featured segment on the Palcko Backyard Waterpark!  Local media outlets such as 6ABC also featured their Glendora waterpark

I’ve linked that video at the bottom of the post!   But I call this out early on in this Name Your Sport post to say… yeah there are some creative minds behind the new Runnemede sports facility!

So to be very clear.. there is NOT a waterpark in Runnemede.  This is not a public waterpark.   This is the Palcko backyard!   ha!

But again.. if someone can come up with something this amazing in their backyard… imagine how much fun and ingenuity awaits at Name Your Sport!


42Freeway Destinations Intro Video… with Commentary on Name Your Sport!