Deptford’s Freeway Diner Finally Comes Down – Fast

Deptford’s Freeway Diner finally comes down. I drive down Rt 41 each morning on my way to work, and Monday morning the building was standing but a large back hoe was on the property.

This morning on that same ride into work, the building is mostly leveled.

Our last report on the property was it was going to become a new Starbucks store, as well as a new building for AT&T wireless

8 thoughts on “Deptford’s Freeway Diner Finally Comes Down – Fast”

  1. Seen it yesterday on my way to the Seven Star.
    About time! The lot looks bigger than it looked.

  2. Was coming home from BJ’s yesterday late morning when I noticed the temporary fencing and the single piece of heavy equipment on the lot. I commented to my wife that that was the most progress I’d seen in a year.

    And today it’s down! WOW — that’s progress!

  3. Just what that corner needs….another expensive, and now free homeless shelter for homeless and late night druggies…that sells expensive crappy coffee

    • Seriously? But by the Grace of God you could be the homeless person. So many of our homeless are veterans; so why not extend a hand instead of a slap?

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